Cristiano Ronaldo Signing Needs Speeding Up, Real Madrid

XXX XXXSenior Writer IJuly 26, 2008

It really means something when even the good people at Marca are getting fed up with the whole Cristiano Ronaldo saga.

The Spanish sports paper devoted an editorial and a couple of articles yesterday to urge Real Madrid to get on with the job and sign the Portuguese forward ASAP. Today they have vox pops from fans saying much the same sort of things and it looks like their campaign to get things moving is going to continue.

Presumably Marca is seeing a dip in sales as a result of nothing much happening day after day. After all, if there really is no movement, they will soon run out of ways to spin the story.

Real don’t have to worry about selling newspapers (at least not directly) and they may well feel they can afford to wait. The player himself is currently injured, meaning it matters little if he only makes it on transfer deadline day.

But are they right to sit tight and hope that Manchester United eventually give in and accept whatever offer (reportedly 90 million euros) is on the table?

Only time will tell, but Real may find they have painted themselves into a corner.

This is a good Real Madrid team but not yet a great one. They won the league title last season comfortably but they now look far from being able to win the Champions League. They need some kind of reinforcement, whether that’s in the form of Ronaldo or someone else.

Perhaps it would be wise, as Marca suggest, to make one final push for Ronaldo now and if that fails turn their attention to players like Raffaele Van der Vaart, Cesc Fabregas, Kaka, and David Villa sooner rather than later.

It would liven up the front pages, anyway.