Mayweather Or Paquiao ?

suhail alzubaidiContributor IJune 28, 2010

what you think about this fight ? lets see the positive and negative sides of each fighter

paquiao is fast wild puncher ,,  beating hard and with high consentration on target

even i remember one moment during his fight with cotto when he stayed on corner and gave the oportunity to cotto to hit him , than they changed places and he gave cotto hell and knocked him down (round 4).

paquiao hitting hard and fast and he has iron chin plus he is hitting from dead angles wich makes his opponent useless , opponent cant hide or even throw punches ,

BUT  the guy is more warrior than he is aboxer , paquiao is great warrior and one of the best of all time ,and no one in our days can go against him toe to toe , but when he faced counter boxer (marquez) we all saw what happened twice, most of analysts gave the fight to marquez ,plus that he can lose his nerves during the fight and get open for his opponent , (look at his face after all his fights) 

wich means that paquiao has real problem with counter boxers and with defense  .

lets check mayweather now .

he is fast smart inteligent and (counter), he has good legs good head movement and great defense

his last fight with mosley prooved that he dont lose his nerves too whatever happens, wich is very important for boxers during tough fights

 , in round number two he got super punch and we saw how he looks buzzy and helpless .

but he came back in the same round and stand in the middle of the ring challenging mosley and beating him till round 12

wich means he is brave and he has strong willing and desire to win  ,

he can punish u whenever he wants

after all analysis i think that mayweather can beat paquiao and maybe ko him in last rounds 11 or 12