NBA Free Agents 2010: Why a LeBron-Wade-Bosh Monster Could Work in Miami

Jake WinieckiCorrespondent IIIJune 28, 2010

With currently $44 million in cap space and potentially more coming, the Miami Heat can sign three maximum-contract free agents.

One of those, of course, is Dwayne Wade.  The obvious main target would then be LeBron James.  I think Chris Bosh will go wherever James goes, so I think he will end up in Miami and not Amare Stoudemire.

The biggest concern, then, would be getting these three superstars to share the ball. You are not dealing with three Kobe Bryant's or Monta Ellis's here, though.

James loves to pass the ball and set up for his teammates.  He averaged 8.6 assists per game last year, an NBA record for a forward.  Wade is a good distributor of the ball as well.  He averaged over six assists per game last season.  Chris Bosh doesn't really pass the ball that much he's a power forward, what do you expect?

I think with the way these guys can move the ball around, this team could explode the scoreboard next season.  If, of course, they end up in Miami together.

The notion that superstars can't share the ball has legitimate backing to it, but not so much in this case.

If it were Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, and any power forward, you may have a seriously talented problem, but not here.

Come Thursday, or any time soon after, we will see the power of the NBA shift.  If it goes to South Florida, we could have a dynasty in the making.  Oh yeah, and it's not like these guys wouldn't be attracted to come play and live in Miami.  Unless they are allergic to the sun.