Scott Smith vs. Cung Le: Spinning Back Kicks, Speed Topple 'Hands of Steel'

Sam NassarCorrespondent IJune 28, 2010

With their first fight showing the essence of drama in the cage their second fight was no different.  The first bout saw Scott Smith shocked the MMA community after taking an almost 3 round beating only to finish in the final seconds with a KO punch.  

However the second bout did not hold the same magic for “Hands of steel” as it did in their first meeting.  Cung Le showed up as a man determined to show fans that he was more than a wannabe actor who had lost his will to compete in the cage.  Cung totally adapted his style and worked quick punching combinations as well as his showcase style kicks.

Scott put on a valiant effort trying to capitalize on Cung’s normal openings for punches which unfortunately fell short for the talented striker.  Scott seemed to have an immediacy to finish the fight quickly realizing that the man in front of him was a completely different version then the Cung he had defeated in December of 2009.  

Cung has obviously been working on all facets of his game showing beautiful sprawl tactics, punches and knees to his opponent.  

Cung also worked his bread and butter with spinning back kicks that seemed to be stolen from a Van Damme movie.  The last spinning back kick floored Smith who was quickly finished with some ground and pound punches.

The post-fight press conference saw Smith congratulating Le and thanking him for the opportunity.  The ever present question of a rubber match was posed to Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker.  Coker expressed interest in a third bout with Le and Smith saying that if they fought every week it would continue to be an exciting bout every time.  

Hopefully we will see these two great fighters square off against each other in the future for more surprises, kicks, punches and the looming possibility of another comeback.