Reed Sorenson Achieves Career Highlight, Punts Juan Pablo Montoya's Chase

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Reed Sorenson Achieves Career Highlight, Punts Juan Pablo Montoya's Chase
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With 63 Cup starts in the last three years and only achieving three top 10 finishes, I guess there isn’t much to brag about in his career.

So I guess wrecking Juan Pablo Montoya while a lap down is a good story to tell his friends while watching the race on TV a few years from now.

Reed Sorenson apparently did not want to get passed (again) and had a useless battle with Montoya.

Reed had nothing to gain by punting his opponent.

He has no shot with Red Bullactually, this stunt might not help his chances of getting rehired by Ganassi in the future. That does happenlook at Jamie McMurray.

Shame on Montoya for battling Reedhe should have just gotten behind him and hit him out of the way.

Especially now that moving someone out of the way to gain spots has become the hip thing to do in NASCAR.

Montoya’s hope for the Chase are over. He picked two fights that had no purpose, one with Jeff Gordon and one with Sorenson.

If I were him, my focus would be on learning how to pick my fights and how to fight them. He just has not done a good job doing that.

Montoya has lost just about every fight this year and always ends up with a beat-up car. If you pick a fight, at least make sure the other guy goes down with you.


Oh yes! And I would be getting ready for the first Chase race, making sure I qualify up front and pray to God I’m right behind Jeff Gordon when the green flag drops.

If this is still the Montoya I remember, it’s a good bet Gordon will be doing his first lap sideways or painting the wall with DuPont colors.

Just saying.

Enough said.


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