Compositon of "The Machine" Sasha Vujacic is on a mission

Jon doeCorrespondent IJuly 26, 2008

Sasha Vujacic refers to himself as “the machine”, and he is very emotional and sometimes reckless with his intensity ,which leads to foul trouble.  He recently received a nice three-year 15 million dollars contract from the Lakers rewarding him for his commitment to the objectives of the team.

What can he do to help his ball club? From the onset he has always been loyal to the boss, Kobe Bryant, and that’s pivotal when you are trying to stick around with the Lakers.

He can pressure the ball and is not afraid to take and make shots; he brings fire, which is the most contagious element in sports. His numbers and minutes will go up because the Lakers lost another emotional/energy player Ronny Turiaf to the open market, which will make Sasha the primary option in that category.

The game of basketball is about judgment. You have to know when to shoot, pass, take a charge, risk a foul, and so on. And for Sasha Vujacic, like many young players, he needs to work on his decision making, increase his court awareness, and let the game come to him. The opens looks will be there, with their young center Andrew Bynum in the middle and their cerebral and versatile power forward Gasol working the post.

Make no mistake about Sasha Vujacic , the coaching staff will define his role and he will deliver.  Vujacic, also known as “the machine", will have a better year and become a reliable option for the Lakers.