2010 FIFA World Cup: Why Lampard's Shot Is Not a Goal For England

Monkey GorrilaContributor IJune 27, 2010

Every year England creates a good reason about how they lost the FIFA World Cup. Only this year, they couldn't find one.

England coach Fabio Capello forgot something very important. He forgot to read the FIFA World Cup rule book! They changed the goal line. That's why their "goal" really isn't a goal! So England should not be able to get mad about anything having to do with their disallowed goal.

Overall, Germany played better. But certainly, a dismissed equalizer hurts any team's morale and mental mind set. A 2-2 halftime score could have made a big change to the game.

So, England lost with an extremely good excuse while Germany's youngsters will continue playing in the World Cup with a polluted name. They'll do so for the rest of their careers too!

How did all this happen? The refs, who performed extremely well until US game, called stupid fouls and made silly decisions.

Let's just hope Kaka will not get a red card for scoring in his next match! What?

Professional players can not score until after the 90th minute?