Whats Wrong With Messi

suhail alzubaidiContributor IJune 27, 2010

whats wrong with messi ??!!!

when i watched messis first football match in mondial ,i thought that it was some foxy tactics of the great ex football player and current coach maradona.

i decide that maradona hiding his cards .

but after argentinia vs mexico tonight wich end 3 argentenia mexico 1, i knew that messi argentinia is not the same messi barcelona .

the guy is not doing the same role , whats the problem ? and whats going on?

well we cant say that against the big names messi changes, becouse in barcelona he  faced much better players than in mondial even.

who should we blame for that . some thing missing !?

is it loyality to argintenia  ?  i think yes , its all about loyality

i dont blame messi or maradona , i blame argentenia

the young sick player moved to europe ,with his poor family when he was just 13 years old ,when barcelona offered him (treatment) of his growth hermone deficiency ,and thats why he feels like he is more spanish than argentenian  

even maybe not spanish but catalonian