This Decade's First 50 Women (2010)!

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This Decade's First 50 Women (2010)!

Hello one and all to this decade’s first fifty women ! I know you’re probably wondering what that means exactly-allow me to explain. We’re currently in the year 2010! That means that it’s been ten years since the attitude era, golden age, etc. etc. In this decade, we’ve seen many women come and go, but all have been unique and special in their own ways. That’s why I’m going to highlight them here on the site! I’m going to make a countdown list of the 50 top females that have passed this decade, and in no particular order, mind you. Then, when we reach the top ten, it will be in order of the most impactful women of the decade. Keep in mind, this list is solely based on my opinion, so don’t take it personally. This is how everything will work:

-Today is when the list begins! Stay tuned. It will be daily, so remember to check in every day for a new woman!

-There will be some joint spots for two different reasons: either I thought the women belonged together or it was too hard to put one in front of the other.

-Every woman will be provided with a short paragraph and a specific ‘stand-out’ moment that I think represents them and their careers.

-Especially for Bleacherreport I will post the first ten women, then the next, and again the next until I reach all fifty women.

That’s all! Simple, huh? I hope you’ll all enjoy the list, and remember to check back for #50 later!


To view this article and find out the first woman of the decade visit my main website:

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