Yankees-Pirates Trade: Fantasy Impact

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Yankees-Pirates Trade: Fantasy Impact

So the Yankees traded for Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte, and all they gave up was a guy whose highest potential being an ok middle relief guy, 2 no name prospects, and Jose Tabata, a 20 YO Dominican OFer who was a top spec before the year started.

I have seen a lot of headlines for this trade, the first one being in the KC Star Morning Edition: "Yankees Trade for Nady and Marte". It was interesting that they didn't mention who the Yankees gave up, so I went online looking for more info. I saw on an unnamed competitor site a headline just saying "Yankees Trade For Nady". Thus the inspiration for this article.

My whole problem with that is I think the Marte part of the whole story is way more important that the Nady side, but the site obviously thought otherwise. My studies in economics taught me that the consumer tells the firms what they like, and the firms act upon those preferences. Thus the site was "told" by the market that the "Nady" story by itself was sexier than the "Nady and Marte" story.

Sure, Nady may be the only major leaguer with a first name starting with "X" to have hit a homer, but that means nothing now in New York. Personally, I think that all Nady owners should hold onto him, but don't expect him to continue to hit .330/.383/.918, which I may say myself, is ridiculous. The media will get to Nady and he should revert to his normal .281/.337/.797 self. Very average.

The replacement for Nady in Pittsburgh is Steve Pearce, and while I did have a short-term-man-crush on Pearce this past winter, I don't really think he will be that great in the majors this year. He has a great bat, but he is still learning how to play RF, and I think that is distracting him in some way where he is not hitting as well. But, he will still get a shot as Nady's replacement, and if he gets hot, you may want to pick him up for your fantasy team.

Now this is where the story gets juicy, especially from a fantasy perspective.

Damaso Marte started out the season as the set-up guy to Matt Capps, and was putting up a good amount of holds, especially for a Pirates pitcher.

Marte took over as closer after Capps went on the DL, and the fantasy baseball world took notice, and then we will go on to forget about him while he is with the Yankee.

This is of course is if your leagues uses the standard stat categories. I personally only play in leagues with holds as a category so this is bad news and good news to me, as an officially outed Marte owner.

First off the good news, more holds. That's really it, holds aren't sexy, but one hold equals one save in these league, as holds is its own category.

Here's the bad news, no one in "holds" leagues cares about holds nearly as much as they do for saves. So automatically after this trade Marte will have lost all his trade value even in a league where his production really won't fall at all.

On the kind of bright side of all this is that, the new closer for the pirates is probably on the waiver wire for your league. Why this is only a kind of bright side situation is because the Pirates are probably going to go closer-by-committee.

Closer-by-committee is basically Russian Roulette in Fantasy Baseball.

So pick your bullet Fantasy Word: John Grabow, Denny Bautista, or Tyler Yates. And if you have heard of these guys before you may need to go to baseball rehab, because only someone addicted to the game would know about those three career no-names.

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