USA Soccer and Philadelphia Phillies Baseball: Then Came the Storm

Judy DavidsonCorrespondent IJune 27, 2010

I was writing this article just as a huge storm blew through the area.  In a split second, the sky went black, then the power went as we sustained 70 mph winds for about 30 minutes. 

I thought of ditching the entire thing. But after two and a half days of no power, I decided to leave it as testament that my café is still standing!  I was luckier than many who lost homes, cars, and are still without power in 95+ degree heat.

There is life after a big storm (You'll Never Walk Alone), but things take time to return to normal. I had to give away Phillies tickets, and they were great seats!  I spent today doing my own form of batter clean up.

I finally watched the soccer games yesterday -  with the power on at home.  Uruguay vs Korea was a fantastic game. USA vs Ghana, what a disappointment - instant replay of four years ago. 

I missed England vs Germany and my team (UK) lost that one.  Guess I am now rooting for Chile along with my Chiléan customer.

I should be writing about sports, I understand, but I found myself going through World Cup withdrawal.  I have become addicted to my daily dose of FIFA soccer. 

This does not mean I will be attending soccer matches at the new Union's stadium. It does mean that once every four years, I will get excited and live for the matches (even if my team does not make it).

I cannot say how happy I am that Jimmy Rollins is back - we are ahead 11 to 2 vs the Blue Jays. In the strange juxtaposition of teams, Phillies are the away team in CB Park. 

The power is on in the house, the store, and the stadium!  Wish I coulda' been there, but Mother Nature had other plans.

Enjoy the below - a little belated but here it is.  Notice my excitement at the USA win!

Landon Donovan>>>>SCORE!  

Slovakia beating Italy>>>>Holy Mackerel Andy!

I was mesmerized watching the USA yesterday, as they beat Algeria in that gorgeous last minute goal.  A group of soccer moms and kids were at the store for Mommy and Me and we watched the game. One little guy came all decked out in soccer garb.

Not one of us (okay maybe one mom from the UK, but still a USA fan) understood what we were watching, but we were all rooting for the USA. And that goal had us hooting! 

It is amazing that one old lady (me) and and a group of young women could be glued to the TV because the USA was playing in the FIFA World Cup. It was an exhausting game (my athletic talent is watching, and I was aerobic by the end).

Today is all about Slovakia - and this game was just so exciting because, while I have yet to understand the rules I am watching every game.

Things eventually start to sink in. Great, great win, maybe even more so than for Team USA because they beat Italy!

Jimmy Rollins>>>>Walk off HOME RUN!

J-ROL is back, and that means the Phillies have their firecracker lead-off batter. 

I was so tired yesterday that it was an effort to watch the Phillies. I stayed awake for JRol and it was it worth it.

OMG - the sky is black!