Andy Roddick Must Seize His Chance at the U.S. Open

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst IJuly 26, 2008

A-Rod has an unbelievable chance to claim the second Grand Slam of his career. The 2008 US Open is, in my opinion, there for the taking.

Roddick already has a key advantage over Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Co. He's skipping the Olympics.

While Roger and Rafa are expending a sick amount of energy in Beijing, Roddick will have his feet up, resting and only playing when he practises. The Olympics conclude on Aug. 17, and the U.S. Open starts on the Aug. 25.

Can the world's best move from the mentally draining arena of China to America and still put in their best? One week is surely not enough to get back to full-strength and mount a challenge, or is it?

In 2004, Tim Henman lost in the first round of Athens yet made the semi-finals in New York for the first time in his career. During the same year and events, Federer failed in the second round of the Olympics yet went on to win the US Open.

Roddick should be confident of his chances. He should mentally back himself and think I can win this tournament, my tournament. Who stands in A-Rod's way, a severely wounded Roger Federer? A poor hardcourt player in Rafael Nadal? Probably not, but maybe Novak Djokovic could intervene?

I always back Roddick for every Grand Slam, and he hasn't come through for me since 2003. I really felt Wimbledon this year would be the second Grand Slam when I saw the draw, but his mental issues saw him fall early.

If Roddick can stay fresh, mentally fit, keep his forehand consistent and serve a record amount of aces, then I expect Roddick to claim the title. If not, maybe in 2012?