Teams With the Best Fans in American Sports

Lee B.Correspondent IJuly 26, 2008

Other Teams that were considered when making this include: LSU, Virginia Tech, The Pittsburgh Steelers, Penn State University, The Detroit Red Wings, University of Southern California,The Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

10. Clemson Tigers- "Death Valley"

9. Seattle Seahawks- "The NFL's 12th Man"

8. University of Florida- "The Swamp"

7. Oakland Raiders- "Raider Nation"

6. Texas A&M- "The 12th Man"

5. Ohio State University- "The Horseshoe": The more than 105,000 fans that show up for every home game to cheer on their Buckeyes make this an easy pick.

4. Cleveland Browns- "The Dawg Pound": Cleveland Browns stadium is home to some of the NFL's most passionate fans.

3. University of Michigan- "Big Blue": More than 107,000 fans clad in maize and blue singing "Hail to the Victors" at each home game makes the fans as much a part of the team as the players.

2. Green Bay Packers- "The Frozen Tundra": Fans that show up in negative temperatures just to watch a game are extremely dedicated. Enough said.

1. Boston Red Sox- "Red Sox Nation": Fans that are as passionate during the season as they are during the offseason make "Fenway Faithful" the easy choice for number one.