Sasha Vujacic Re-Signs as Los Angeles Lakers Keep Playoff Formula

David WangAnalyst IJuly 26, 2008

After much anticipation, the Lakers finally re-signed role player Sasha Vujacic to a three-year, $15 million contract.

Just days before this extension, Vujacic was rumoured to play in Europe, following the trails of Josh Childress and other NBA players.  The idea of playing in a new continent is becoming more practical, and NBA players are taking advantage of it.

However, the Lakers thought a step ahead.

Shortly after being offered an European contract, Vujacic received this Lakers contract offer.  This shows how well the Lakers' front office is managed, because they realize what an important player Vujacic is to the Lakers.

 Without him, the Lakers may immediately lose a significant portion of the playoff team that reached the NBA Finals last year.

Despite his statistics showing him as a so-so player, Vujacic's contribution to the Lakers' success is undeniable.  His instant offense, threat to hit the three, and his above-average defense are very valuable to the Lakers.

With opponents double-teaming Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and occasionally Lamar Odom, Vujacic becomes the beneficiary, draining 44 percent of his threes last season.

Even though the Lakers were extremely quiet this off-season, with one loss in Ronny Turiaf to the Warriors, they came through with their most important contract negotiation of this off-season by re-signing Vujacic.

Now the Lakers are ready to strike at the NBA Finals again.