FIFA World Cup 2010: Young Germany Faces Sluggish, Sleepy, Starstudded England

Obi Wan AsterixContributor IJune 27, 2010

Match Preview: GERMANY versus ENGLAND

Stage: 1/16th Final

Winner Plays Versus: Argentina or Mexico

Time: 1600h GMT +1

Venue: Free State Stadium – Bloemfontein – The site of France’s exit to South Africa and one of the better stadiums for camera work so far.

Referee: Jorge Larrionda—his biggest game to date, but the Uruguayan has shown excellent match control, fair carding and a real sense of flow. Hopefully nothing to whine about here...His skill in breeding animals will be very handy here!





Date of Birth: 09.03.1968


Height: 176 cm


Occupation: Clerk


Mother tongue:



Other languages: English


International since: 1998 First international: Chile-Bolivia (20.06.1999)


Hobbies: Breeding animals (birds, dogs, parrots etc.)


Fondest memory: FIFA Confederations Cup France 2003 semi-final: France v. Turkey; Olympic Football Tournament Athens 2004 Bronze Medal Match: Italy v. Iraq



Overview: “Expect nothing and everything,” the old cliché has never rang truer. One of the greatest rivalries in the game, dormant in recent years, is about to be revived, as either 12 cylinder Germany or lawnmower England must go home this find afternoon... and anything could happen.


Suggested Menu With Your Game:


Appetizer:   Young Asparagus in Cream Sauce to recognize the input of the Beyern Munich, Schalke, Bremen, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Dortmund youth program into this German team.

Main Course:   Fish and Chips over-drowned in vinegar to salute the way the English team performed

Drink: German Beer because the chances that the English will be enjoying theirs after this are smaller

Desert: Black pudding – as a meaty tribute to the beefy Wayne Rooney... especially since its not a desert and he hasn’t been much of a star.


Squad Analysis:


Unofficial Theme Song to Accompany Style of Play:

No choice here, there is a real must!

Do listen to it here on youtube !

Germany Death Techo band Rammstein singing VIVA KOLONIA a tribute to Podolski’s team 1.FC.Köln to inspire him and the German team to some hard bass sounds against the back of the English net.

Tactics : Coach Joachim Löw has had an incredibly progressive, one could say revolutionary term in charge of the German national team since he took over from Kilnsman in 2006. He has, with his highly capable coaching staff, transformed the German national team from its traditional defensive, oppressive style of football into a composed, dangerous attacking team. Deploying an offensive 4-2-3-1 in previous games, but has considerable injury worries for this one with irreplaceable Baastian Schweinsteiger, and Jerome Boateng fighting off injury, and one of the players of the tournament so far Mesut Özil having suffered the loss of his grandmother on Saturday.

If all is according to plan, Podolski on the left and Mueller play as very offensive wingers, Özil plays behind attacker Klose and they are backed up by two central midfielders Khedira and Schweinsteiger or Kroos.

Strengths: Technique, fitness, energy and striking power...the German team has an efficient attacking machine that has struggled the last two games after a 4-0 hammering of Australia in the debut game.

Weakness:   Psychology, the young German team has obvious lack of consistency which could be in part due to lack of experience. The formations are not weak in any way, but the absence of Schweinsteiger could really hurt heir ability to interrupt English attacks.

Key to beating England: Since not so many WWII veterans will be reading this I can say submarine style will work best...hit hard and hit fast to demoralize a shaky English squad morale before they can find their strength in this match. The destructive game can be very efficient against a so far uncreative English team, and should be emphasized as well.

Key Squad Members:

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has been one of the best in this tournament, even though last December he was still Germany’s No. 3. Following the retirement of the emblematic Oliver Khan, a whole horde of talented goalkeepers has worn the German gloves, but after the tragic suicide of Robert Enke, the injury to Rene Adler its now 24 years young Manuel Neuer that is showing off his considerable talent.

Per Metersacker and Arne Friedrich form one of the best defensive axes in the World Cup, and they combine well on the ground and in there only conceding one goal so far. Even when Germany has been in trouble the last two games, this final line has not faltered with Neuer behind them.

Philipp Lahm is the captain, the motor, and the colonel on the pitch, marshaling the tempo and posture of the young German team while covering both defence and offense with rare class as he does for Bayern Munich.

Thomas Mueller has been one of the revelations of the tournament, exploding onto the scene 12 months ago at Bayern Munich, forcing the sale of Luca Toni, the benching of Mario Gomez and Miroslav Klose and Ivica Olic, and has now been a surprise inclusion in the German team, a surprise starter, surprise goalscorer, and now could make a surprise appearance in the team of the tournament. His wing play is scintillating.

Mesut Özil see Thomas Mueller ..... expect that he plays for Werder Bremen, has been staring for two seasons and is a central attacking midfielder like Germany have not had since the fantastic Thomas Haessler. See his superb goal agains Ghana here:

At 25 Lukas Podolski is one of the old boys in the team. Now converted to a left winger, where he plays better than as a dedicated attacker, Podolski is a fantastic goal getter and don’t be surprised if he adds another couple to his 37 goals for Germany. He has been on poor form, moving back to modest but well-loved club FC Koln from Bayern Munich and struggling to find his club form, but playing very well for the national team.



Unofficial theme songs to accompany style of play: Weee shallll nevvvveeer giiiive uuupppp weeee shall neeeeveeer giiivveee innnnn a cheesy motivational song can be played first as its all the English team deserves so far

But that wouldn’t work for many so English superstar band Coldplay with their song Viva La Vida can hopefully get through and   inspire some of that long absent latino flair in the sleepy, boring English team  – Especially since it starts off with “I uuuuseed to ruuuulllle thhheee world”

Tactics: Too many its seems Italian manager Fabio Capello has been forcing his players into unnatural positions and forgotten the basics of a good atmosphere and motivation. England play a very strange 4-4-2 that seems to stifle creativity and quickness, the second of which especially the English team could excel at. Heskey and Rooney have formed a very failed partnership and hopefully Jermaine Defoe can replace Heskey after scoring the winning goal against Slovenia.

The biggest failure of Capello in the English media’s eyes has been the failure to use creative midfielder Joe Cole, who has been one of the best playing England players in recent years.

Strengths: A good degree of physical ability, quality and talent. No, the English team are not overrated... individually... they just haven’t come together in a good way, and the old football saying “the team makes the individual” is very true here.

England has one of the best defences in the world, even with the absence of Rio Ferdinand. English defenders are simply a class above most of the competition, except maybe German.

Weaknesses: As above... lack of gel. Even Stevie Gerrard can be weak in the England setup as his cooperation with Frank Lampard has been very mediocre.

Although English goalkeepers have been considered a traditional weakness, David James is really very underrated, even if he is no Manuel Neuer.

Key to beating US: Find the form that has mysteriously gone missing. England had brilliant moments in qualification, and excellent goal scoring form. Subbing Wayne Rooney early if he doesn’t deliver might be an option, he seems to consume England’s energy. Ohh, and win possession in midfield, and prevent Germany from scoring early... lot’s to do really.

Ohhh, and since they have learned that in major competitions, never confront Germany on penalties! England has lost twice.

Key Squad Members:

David James  is key whether anyone likes it or not. This is the swan song of the Portsmouth keeper, who experienced relegation this season. Yes he used to make horrible mistakes in the past, but now he IS England’s best goalkeeper, and he is really not that bad! Never forgiven for a shaky youth, the 39 year old is far from that, and is in for the game of his life tonight... he will be up for it, will the rest of the England team?

John far his contributions have been attempting a mutiny against Fabio Capello. Losing his captaincy for sleeping with a teammates Fiancee and making a vital tackle against Slovenia which could have knocked England out. The emblematic Chelsea man has it all to prove again.... and the ability is there without a doubt.

Gareth Barry—The Manchester City man has not played to expectations either, and his defensive midfield role will be key if England can stop German attacks and hit back. Again, he has the ability, where has it gone?

Jermaine Defoe—Come on Jermaine! Punish Capello for leaving you out....  the attacker has been the best England has to offer over the past two seasons, and scored the vital goal against Slovenia. He has every possibility of saving England from disaster here, he just has to be as good as with Tottenham.

Wayne Rooney—The temperamental, beefy, muscular, explosive Manchester United forward has more often than not delivered the goods for England that he does for money at club level. His form the last three games has been impressive, but nobody imagines subbing him, because only 10 seconds of his top form are enough to win a game. Everyone in the world will be asking themselves if he will flop or fly today.

Expected Result: Germany wins 3-1 looking at form.

A Slight Surprise: A close run game edged by England.

A real shocker: England sweep away Germany and go on to lift the cup… their last three performances suggested nothing of the sort.

Obi Wan Asterix Says: This will be a tense and classic match… 2-1 will be the score for…. Germany.


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