Draft Day: Like Christmas Morning

Robert KahneContributor IJune 24, 2010
Hello folks, I hope you are having a fantastic day so far. In case you didn't know--the NBA Draft is taking place today, and it will be a Cat-filled affair. Where will our beloved basketball players end up? We will know by the end of the night. Now, onto the hits:

  • Yesterday, the United States of America won Group C by defeating Algeria on a goal at 90'. England and the United States will advance out of group play. Landon Donovan became nearly a national hero by scoring a goal, and the country erupted everywhere. The USA will play Ghana on Saturday at 2:30. Ghana eliminated the USA the last time they were in the World Cup knockout round in 2002.
  • The world's longest tennis match (literally) came to an end earlier today, with John Isner defeating Nicholas Mahut. The match ended 6-4, 3-6, 6-7(7), 7-6(3), 70-68. The match lasted 11 hours. Each had more than 100 aces, and there were more than 500 winners in the match. The match went so long because neither could return the other's serve. Although Isner managed to win his first ever match at Wimbledon, he will probably sleep through his next match.
  • Both of the finalists from the 2006 world cup have been eliminated, France being sent home after a dreadful showing (karma), and Italy being shocked by Slovakia. These Balkan countries have been nothing but trouble.
  • In psudo-sports related news, Kentucky author Wendell Berry has decided to pull all of his papers from the UK archives in protest over the naming of the Wildcat Coal Lodge. He is probably just as pissed off as I am about the corporatism invading college athletics nowadays.
  • Of course, the biggest news of the day comes from the draft. It is guaranteed to be crazy, with lots of trades and intrigue. Tune in to watch it all unfold. The best part? It only takes one night, instead of the week long affair that the NFL draft is.