Mayweather Vs Bob Arum

suhail alzubaidiContributor IJune 26, 2010

 who is mayweather facing ? paquiao or bob arum . well this is asmart question ,its already two years like we hear that mayweather will face paquiao ,but until now nothing happened .

whats the problem , well allow me guys to say that they playing games , once we hear that mayweather wants olympic blood test than we hear that paquiao is afraid od needles than we see him with tattos on his body than we hear that paquiao on steroids than we hear etc

and to be continues , but at the end of the day looks like mayweather is preparing his self to be agreat promoter , he is sparring with media these day to beat bob arum not paqiao to be the p4p king as apromoter  

with all respect mayweather and no wonder that you undefeated till now in the  ring