Random Thoughts of a Sports Reporter: Detroit Pistons

Madalan WeisbergContributor IJune 26, 2010

NEW YORK - JUNE 24:  Gregory Monroe stands with NBA Commisioner David Stern after being drafted seventh by  the Detoit Pistons at Madison Square Garden on June 24, 2010 in New York, New York City.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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    Random Thoughts of a Sports Reporter


Detroit Pistons

My Detroit Pistons entered into the 2010 NBA Draft desperate for a big man, one who takes up space and will rebound like a big man.  They possibly needed a player who can pass the basketball even more … any real point guard.  Last year during the NBA Draft Detroit grabbed Austin Daye, DaJuan Summers and Jonas Jerebko.  At that time the Pistons were not considered anything but a serious playoff bound team and all three of those players were taken as projects with Jerebko having more experience from playing professional basketball in Europe therefore more likely to gather playing time on a quality team.  Then life happened.


Daye showed better than average ball skills and a talent for passing but the rail-thin frame his feet support forces him to be a 6-11 shooting guard bartering his inability to defend quick or fast smaller SGs for the sake of his offense; at the very least until he musters an NBA mans body.  No other options at present other than the bench.  The other SGs are Rip Hamilton, Rodney Stuckey, Ben Gordon and now Terrico White.  Eleven year veteran Hamilton is the only one who plays both ends of the court but he requires set plays for any of his superb offense plus a half-court strategy.


Stuckey can do most anything he wants on the court except pass, he is highly talented yet does not get the foul calls from the striped shirts on his countless drives to the basket that would increase his point production and respect.  Gordon is now the team’s best gun, with wonderful ball skills and a shooters mentality; he may be the best Detroit passing guard other than Wil Bynum.  We will get to him in a minute.  Terrico White is a strange pick bordering on a waste of time.  Not a point guard, small for a shooting guard and the speed of an F-16; unfortunately he is not a decent passer nor has he the mind-set of anything other than a quality athlete who must drive the lane to deflect from his weak shooting skills from any distances.  Maybe he too is a project to place with Daye and Summers?


Wil Bynum is far and away the best PG the Pistons own, period.  That is both good news and bad news.  I believe in him and his abilities, especially since he is the one PG on the roster, I mean c’mon I have no other choices.  Maybe I see things wrongly but one better than average PG had just been moved who seemingly cost very little to get and would have looked fine in Piston garments - Chris Douglas-Roberts - traded, for 2012 second-round pick.


The Detroit Pistons pick for the 7th choice in the first round was a Center who does not rebound (4.9 in college) and has more ability to pass than get dirty doing the rebounding.  Also, pick Greg Monroe has a history of being somewhat gentle for a Center/Power Forward.


At this very moment the Piston depth chart on their web page does not list the names of Summers, Daye or Monroe; not even as back-ups to any starter.

Looks like much to do here with a roster without a cause.

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