Roberto Carlos To Roma?

Andre RojterCorrespondent IJune 26, 2010

Roma has made it clear they want the Serie A title in the upcoming 2010/2011 season.

They already went to Brazil to snag Adriano, a young player who was once considered one of the top strikers in the world.

Roberto Carlos, who joined Brazilian giants Corinthians to play with Ronaldo again in 2010, had said this was was his last stop in football. Despite not yet commenting on the potential move, it does not seem as if he will want to head back to Italy since coming back to Brazil after 15 years away so soon.

There however is always the fact that a Serie A team can always pay better than any side in Brazil.

Roma sent a rep to Brazil a month ago to contact Roberto Carlos's agent but for their part Corinthians director of football, Mário Gobbi, has said he does not know anything about this story since there is no official notice of interest from Roma.

Corinthians is at the top of the Brazlian table which is taking a break after seven matches for the World Cup. They are also facing the potential breakdown of the team during the transfer window in August, star goalie Felipe seems to be on his way out to play for Genoa in Italy.

Other potential departures from Corinthians include Dentinho (Benfica) sweeper Chicao (Sporting) defense midfielder Jucilei (Valencia/Fiorentina) and midfielder Elias (Atletico de Madrid).