Fantasy Baseball Power Prospects: Justin Smoak and Mike

Football ManiaxsSenior Writer IJune 26, 2010

Power has become the fancy of Major League Baseball over the last few seasons.

With every homer, fans (and fantasy owners) buzz at the sight of 5.25-ounce white projectiles soaring 400 feet into the stands.

When you think of the best power hitters in the game today, guys like Albert Pujols, Mark Reynolds, Ryan Braun and Ryan Howard come to mind.


But as the game begins to dig into the next batch of instant game-changers, two of the guys to keep an eye on will be outfielder Mike Stanton of the Florida Marlins and first baseman Justin Smoak of the Texas Rangers.


Stanton (20) and Smoak (23) have been massive power threats throughout their professional careers and only project to improve as they fill out their respective 6’5” and 6’4” frames...

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