Impact Feedback: Two Down, One To Go

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Impact Feedback: Two Down, One To Go

Last week Angelina Love basically made a public hit list of all three members of the Beautiful People and anyone who associates with them. She said she's gonna' cleanse TNA one Beautiful Person at a time, and began by ddt'ing the hell out of Lacey last week. This week, however, her target is none other than her ex-Beautiful People cohort, Velvet Sky. But before the match, we got a backstage segment with Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne.

[dailymotion id=xdtfqc]

Madison says she loves her new do', which obviously looks like crap. She then cracks a pretty rude joke about Lacey as Velvet just unanimatedly listens. When she receives no response, our Knockout's Champ messes with Velvet's face before Velvet scarily pulls her hand off. Madison yelps at Velvet to "snap out of it!", unless she wants to be the one carried out of the arena layed out on a stretcher.

See? Now this is what The Beautiful People do, have always done, and will always do best-promos. These girls can really act, and they're great at selling tension between them and their opposition. Madison no longer feels 'forced' to me, and she's really come into her own. And say what you want about Velvet, but she is one of the best women in mainstream wrestling that can cut a promo. Rookie wrestlers, take note: that's how you cut a promo.

Next up was the match:

[dailymotion id=xdtfsi]

 Angelina's out first, and then Velvet, who looks pretty damn serious (wow, she actually got booed for once). A replay of that horrible segment of Velvet's beatdown on Angelina a few months ago with some whip thing is shown again, and really, I don't need a replay of that, thank you very much. As the camera heads back to the ring we see Velvet knee Angelina in the midsection, club her in the back, and dispose of her out of the ring like trash.

Angelina doesn't take this lying down, however, yanking Vel-Vel out of the ring hastily and knocking her to the floor. Angelina pounds away at Velvet, who's covering her face like a scared kitten at this point. Angelina preps to send the BP member flying into the steel steps, but instead finds herself in that position. She's sent into the ring, and now Velvet begins to pound away at the former champ. She rings Angie's head against the mat a few times before being held back by the ref.

The crowd is really into it at this point, and Velvet begins to sell her personal hatred of Angelina, wrapping her opponent's arms around her own neck before powering her down in a sitting slam and getting in her face. The crowd is firmly behind Angelina, though, and as Velvet goes for the same move which she allegedly calls the 'Skyliner'. Angie reverses and knocks her down with a clothesline. She follows up with a cool-looking Botox Injection (Bicycle Kick).

As Angelina tries to regain her composure, the same wicked smile that crept up her face last week reemerges like a recurring nightmare, and we all know what that means! Chair! Chair! Chair! My impecable sense of intuition is proven right yet again as Angie heads to the outside and brings in a chair just like the week before! Angelina studies Velvet, hitting a second Botox Injection and positioning the chair.

The former Knockout's Champ is raked in the eyes, and then finds herself in a cringy flapjack from Velvet. As she turns around, a familiar smile creeps on Velvet's face. She goes to grab Angelina, taunting the crowd somewhat awkwardly before Angelina reverses, hitting the same ddt on the chair that was hit on Lacey last week. Winner via disqualification (again)-Velvet Sky. Angelina really could care less, and she looks over her handiwork yet again as Madison Rayne comes out. They spar words for a few, and the camera then cuts to a different segment.

First off, ew at Madison's new hairstyle. Please get a discount sweetheart. Second, it certainly wasn't the best Impact we've ever seen,  but it wasn't the worst. I think this was one of those cases where the story behind the match overpowered the match itself, and in this case, that was a good thing. I think Angelina and Velvet could've put on a better bout', but what they did served its initial purpose.

I'm actually looking forward to Madison facing off against someone for once, but if Angelina loses her career I might just have to kill. She is my favorite Knockout, and even though Madison was my favorite while she was gone (that makes her my second-favorite), I simply wouldn't stand for it. Anyways, I like the dynamic between the two. Madison, to me, is like an evil little doll that looks so cute and cuddly on the outside, but is really a psychopathic bitch on the inside. You know, like one of those Chucky dolls, or the rotten little girls in cartoons.

Angelina is just badass. She doesn't care what anyone thinks, she's gonna' do what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants, and Destination X is no exception. This will clearly mean that the two are going to butt heads hard. Now next week is do or die time. It's going to be the point at which the animosity between the two competitors, Angelina and Madison, is really sold. We need to see something gritty and unrestrained. Something crazy. Something that'll make the fans go wild! We need to see that one segment where these two women go big, and not home. And we need to see a new haircut on Madison Rayne.

Aside from that, next week will also be important, because what happens to Madison after she loses her support system in Velvet and Lacey? Will she be a coward or a powerhouse? We'll have to see, and TNA will have to decide


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