Why Is Michael Vick Always Surrounded By Trouble?

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Why Is Michael Vick Always Surrounded By Trouble?
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Micheal Vick.

You hear that name and instantly begin to sigh. So much potential in that man, so much talent that could be put to good use if only he had a good head on his shoulders.

Almost everyone knows about the dogfighting scandal that jailed Vick for 21 months, so there is no need to elaborate on that. But over Memorial Day weekend, Vick took a lump-sum of $5,000 to attend a party at a club, then decided not to go after he missed his flight. He did not return the funds because they were a guaranteed advance in good faith that he would attend.

Earlier today, it was released that there was a shooting at Vick's 30th birthday party. It didn't directly involve Vick, but the sheer fact that it happened at the same location where he was celebrating does raise eyebrows. Quanis Phillips, a co-defendant in the Vick dogfighting case, was shot at the Virginia Beach nightclub. The officers reported that Phillips and many other witnesses were "very uncooperative," but they did describe the shooter as a black man in a white Cadillac Escalade. Currently the authorities are not interested in Micheal Vick.

But what does Rodger Goodell have to say?

So far Goodell has yet to comment. However, upon Vick's reinstatement into the NFL, Goodell stated that Vick must keep clean in order to keep his Job.

I understand that Vick is strapped for cash after claiming bankruptcy, but maybe he should keep out of the clubs.

At least for awhile!

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