Doing the Impossible: Can America Win the World Cup?

Dylan MartinContributor IIIJune 25, 2010

Last month if you would have asked a normal sports loving American like me, who was going to win the World Cup, here's what you'd probably get, "I don't know maybe us?"

As if you don't already know, soccer is not very big in America.  In fact NASCAR and Golf are bigger sports in America than soccer. There have been countless tries to get America into soccer with the most recent being the infamous David Beckham incident.

This failed big time, and actually created more hatred for soccer than ever. But, as I watched Landon Donovan score that winning goal versus Algeria I just had to celebrate, as did the rest of America.

Yes my friends America might just be falling love with soccer, if not the World Cup.

Just look on youtube and you will find videos of bars all around the world of Americans celebrating in the thousands after the U.S win. However, for America to start liking soccer this U.S team has to do the unbelievable, THEY HAVE TO WIN THE WORLD CUP.  

Every time something big happens to America in the sports world, something that the entire country gets behind them in much larger than usual crowds, and that somehow rubs off onto the American team and catapults them to unrealistic or great levels.

The two most recent being the American hockey and basketball teams for the Olympics. Oh, and Micheal Phelps who won eight gold medals. 

Now hope and belief won't be enough of course the US soccer team needs to play better offensively because they seem to fall behind in almost every game.

Not being a soccer fan or even covering soccer that much I won't go in depth but I will say this if America beats Ghana expect something big to come out that soccer team.