NHL Draft Day Trade Rumours

Imtiaz FerdousCorrespondent IIJune 25, 2010

Many things happen on draft day. Glen Sather plans who he will sign to a ludicrous contract this year, some teams get franchise studs (usually Detroit, and usually the fifth round or later), and some amazing trades that nobody saw coming. Last year we had the Chris Pronger trade, Burke pissed that he could not move up, and of course the Bouwmeester trade. As great as it all was, I think we will see even better deals this year. So I have gathered a list of rumours that I have heard.

Bruins Re-sign Mark Recchi                                                                                            

Apparently the Boston Bruins have re-signed Mark Recchi to a one year $1 million contract. The dominoes are falling nicely into place for Boston after the Nathan Horton acquisition, or so they believe. Now if only they could move Tim Thomas.

Dan Hamhuis Contract Talks Hit A Snag                                                         

Another day, another person refusing to take a multi-million dollar contract. Sometimes I wonder if these people even know there's a recession going on. According to various reports it seems Philadelphia and Hamhuis have hit a snag in their contract negotiations. It seems that the Flyers only offered him $3 million per year (and people call me cheap), he is looking for about $3.75 million per year to $4 million, which is fair given his abilities.                                                     

Kings Try To Replace Quick With Thomas                                                                      

This is arguably the most ridiculous idea I have heard yet, the Kings are trying to trade away Jonathan Quick, and if they should succeed they want to go after Tim Thomas. So they want to get rid of a goaltender who played over 70 games last year with a solid GAA of 2.54 and yet they want to get rid of him? He is only being paid $1.9 million per year for the next several years. Take this rumour with a grain of salt, especially since Dean Lombardi denies it.

Oilers Ask About Schenn

The Edmonton Oilers have asked the Toronto Maple Leafs if Luke Schenn is available, Toronto responded by asking if the number one pick is available. Expect no trades between the 2 teams though Burke likes Penner, and he must have seen that 30 goal performance. Only problem is Penner plays on the right wing, and as long as Kessel is there Penner cannot be the number one RW. 

Kaberle Will Not Be Moved At The Draft

With every day that passes it looks like Kaberle will not be dealt at the NHL draft. The reason? Burke wants roster players back so he has until August 15 to make a deal, and so he can wait until someone goes crazy and offers something out of this world.