TNA: Who Are 'They' ?

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TNA: Who Are 'They' ?


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As the norm with TNA, there is just no clear idea as to what direction their storylines will lead.

Over the last few months, Sting continuously made vague references to “them” when attacking Jeff Jarrett. On iMPACT last Thursday, after brutally attacking Jarrett with multiple baseball bat shots, the Stinger hovered over the founder of TNA with a microphone in hand and declared “If you walk with them, you will go down with them!”

In Sting’s case, it appears that Sting’s reference to "them" is Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. But since TNA has dragged this storyline out since March, it’s pretty safe to say that they aren’t sure who Sting is talking about either.

And speaking of "they", who is Abyss talking about?

In the opening segment of iMPACT last Thursday, during his in-ring confrontation with Hulk Hogan, Abyss told the Hulkster that “they told me to do it.” Initially, I assumed that "they" would be the voices in Abyss' head instructing the Monster to return to his old roots.

But of course, TNA never does things so simple.

Later in the evening, in a backstage segment filmed with the “ReAction” cam, Abyss confirmed, without revealing their identities, that "they" are actual people who are coming to take over TNA and that he is "laying the groundwork" for their debut.

One had to wonder who they are. That was until the main event.

In the previous match featuring Ink, Inc. and Beer Money, former ECW star Tommy Dreamer entered through the crowd alongside Stevie Richards and Raven. The trio hijacked seats in the “stadium seating” of the iMPACT zone to observe the action. Perhaps they were watching Ink, Inc. who are currently feuding with the Extreme Trio’s longtime associates, Team 3D? But then they stuck around for the main event.

Notice how I referred to Dreamer, Raven and Richards as "they".

In my opinion, the "they" that Abyss is referring to are the Extreme Revolution of Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, and Raven. But who else could be a part of "they"? TNA is also stocked with former ECW stars Team 3D, Rhino. and Taz. Not to mention the rumor of Paul Heyman possibly joining the ranks of the company so it appears an Extreme Revolution is heading to Orlando.

However, Abyss could be referring to someone who has no association with the ECW crew.

But just because our assumptions sound accurate, doesn’t mean they always are.


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