An Absolutley Heart-Warming Move by the Tampa Bay Lightning

John DeerCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2008

 At the bottom of this link, you will read a short story about David Carle. (younger brother of Tampa Bay Lightning Defensmen Matt Carle)

As David was about to pack his bags to Ottawa for the up-coming NHL Entry Draft, he was given a word from his doctors that he had a serious heart condition, that ultimately would end his career from competitive sports.

Dave then sent a letter to all NHL team informing them of the news he had recieved from his doctor.

Never-the-less with their last pick, the Tampa Bay Lightning selected David Carle 203 overall, in what was likely an act of support for David who tried his hardest to become an NHL player, and will likely never get to fulfil that dream.

However if David's condition does a 180, the Lightning will hold his rights.