Savannah Release a Work or a Shoot?????

Matt ClementsCorrespondent IJune 24, 2010

The IWC is exploding with rage and conspiratorial rampage at the recent release of WWE Diva Savannah.  Some are questioning whether the release is legit or part of some elaborate work!!  Cena has gone on record tweeting for Savannah's return, citing his desire to "face her in the ring (as she announces my name, of course.."), her inspiration in the locker room, and has even gone as far as signing an internet petition to bring her back!!

No one, not even Dave Meltzer, can sort out what is real here and what isn't!!

Savannah is staying quiet about the matter, only to say that she is accepting indy dates.

Stay tuned for more speculation and potential "SAVANNAH" chants during the next episode of NXT.....

(this parody is now over.  We return to your regurally scheduled Bryan Danielson debate...)