Alexi Casilla Makes Routine Play (Humor)

E ASenior Analyst IJuly 25, 2008

CLEVELAND, Ohio—Tonight was a special night for Minnesota Twins second baseman Alexi Casilla.

After making several errors in the past few games, Casilla was finally able to complete a quite simple achievement.

He made a routine play.

That's right, folks. Although Casilla dropped a tailor-made double-play ball flipped to him by teammate Nick Punto earlier in the game, he didn't let it dampen his spirit. Later on, when a ground ball was hit to him, every fan in attendance at Progressive Field and watching on television witnessed a small miracle, when Casilla scooped the ground ball into his glove, and went on to throw it to the first baseman in time for the out.

"Well it's been tough. I usually am not this bad, but this week I am bad," Casilla said after the game. "Really bad. I'm just glad that I made that play. When I made that [play], it was just magical. Inside, it felt like Game Seven of the World Series and I hit a walk-off home run. You guys don't even know how great I feel after making that simple play."

Casilla had no comment when asked about his abysmal game at the plate, going 0-for-4 while leaving three men on base.