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Get your kicksCorrespondent IJune 24, 2010

When asked about the type of product the WWE produces, often the company refers to themselves as an action adventure series.

With larger than life characters it's hard to disagree with that.

The world of videogames for years was a one or two horse race. Atari and some of the older videogame pioneers fell at the wayside, once Nintendo and Sega figured out the market and put a colorful sheen on the type of videogames being produced.

In a story that seems similar to all of that the WWF made professional wrestling into something totally different than it had been before, in the '80s. And found themselves sit atop the sports-entertainment world with only one rival World Championship Wrestling, who attempted to copy their formula, as best they could.

By the late '90s Sega was going out of business (my date isnt' exactly correct). And Nintendo looked to be without competition. Much like the condition World Wrestling Federation found themselves in around the same time.

But unlike the fickle state of business in the wrestling world. The videogame industry was an open market, full of opportunities.

The Sony Electronics Entertainment company quickly moved in and realized the potential they had to capitalize on this audience. Not long after, Microsoft Corporation jumped into the game. And the results were-- that both companies have been extremely successful.

So given the business model that McMahon and the WWF/E set up in the '80s with making wrestlers larger than life characters who could be marketed in so many different ways & the fact that now the WWE markets their product and superstars in this action adventure 'Universe.' --- Why are other entrepreneurs not smart enough or willing enough to challenge this monopoly in a more creative way? 


Wrestling has moved on past the kayfabe days when territory promoters could sell a wrestling card on the audience's belief that they were truly going to see blood feuds that resulted in big card fights.

Zuffa's 'Ultimate Fighting Championship' has cornered the market that once craved this type of action. While independent wrestling promotions do their best to make the sport feel like a 'sport', again.

At the same time the extremely popular WWE has wrapped their fans up a world where they live vicariously through their larger than life superstar heroes.

As what many consider not to even be competition for the WWE, TNA wrestling chases its on tail in an endless cycle of identity crisis.


What I'm about to suggest is a little far-fetched.

But what if a company who's already a media giant and has created its own world full of characters that appear in all forms of entertainment from movies to television to print-- were to try their hand at the action adventure world of sports- entertainment or professional wrestling.... 


Famous for bringing us comic book characters like Spiderman, Punisher, and the X-Men is not unlike the World Wrestling Federation of the '80s that brought us Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, or The Macho Man & even the still popular today-- WrestleMania.

The failure of TNA has always comes back to the fact that they've yet to create household names or characters out of their talents like Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles, and others or for TNA to represent the world or universe where fans can lose themselves in it along the lines of what WWE and Marvel have been able to do.

If you took the world of Marvel Comics and used its creative staff to put a face on what the talents of TNA have, then you might be able to produce something that could rival the WWE.


This is venturing into the realm of non-possibility, but if I could just throw away everything involving and representing the current TNA branding of those talents and bring in Marvel to produce not just a wrestling or sports-entertainment show, but a new action adventure series here's what I would do.

Brand the company "Marvel Wrestling."

Come up with a new name for the weekly action adventure series.

Market the stars, the homegrown stars and future potential talents who could be scouted as larger than life characters in this action adventure series.

[ Now before you go crazy, I don't mean turn them into clowns or rip-offs of comic book characters with ridiculous gimmicks. I mean follow the formula that made the WWF so successful back in the day and the one currently today in the WWE that has kids dreaming they were Edge, John Cena, or Randy Orton. ]

Use the potential of the Marvel's toy and comic book division to get those characters out into the hands of fans, in all kinds of different ways.

And of course with the careful hand of Marvel visionaries this could be done in a more creative way than it is currently being done by failed wrestling or sports-entertainment producers who've been disappointing us for a very long time in TNA.

Take the show on the road and find a comfortable home for television.

Stop giving people a nostalgia trip of rasslin' programming and realize what the market is asking for. And I don't mean a weak attempt at WWE's sports-entertainment model. I mean something similar, but uniquely different.

Partner with Shimmer Women's Athletes to help create the feminine side of the product and outshine the WWE, even, in making a new breed of female characters involved in the product.

Instead of using cliched terms such as X-Division, with the X standing for generation X or Xtreme, lose that and go with the term 'Free-Fighting' Division, which can also be referred to as the Lucha-Libre division. But that doesn't mean change the division to a masked Mexican wrestler's division. No. Still you could capitalize on the popularity of it and the larger than life heroes that they are while making new unmasked heroes, in your action adventure series 'Universe' out of former X-Division stars, who fly around already without being truly made into the popular characters that they could be.

Along with the Shimmer and Free-Fighting or Lucha divisions keep a limitation on traditonal wrestling titles. Have your major company champion and face of the company be the Marvel Champion & also have a duo or tag-team championship.


Now I would like to reiterate that I don't mean take TNA's current stars and turn them into fake comic book superheroes.

I'm only suggesting the possibilities that could occur if a company with the infrastructure and the experience in making characters in an action adventure universe got involved in promoting wrestling and a product where those wrestlers became larger than life characters.

That doesn't mean A.J. Styles dressing up in any more spandex than he already does. It just means when fans saw him diving outside the ring, doing something spectacular that it would be capitalized better on because these guys would be right up there rivaling the Hulk Hogans of the '80s and the John Cenas of today.



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