NHL Hart Trophy Winner: Hail to Henrik the First

Nucks IceMan@nucksiceman@twitter.comCorrespondent IJune 24, 2010

Back on January 25, I wrote an article entitled – Is it Time to Consider Canucks Henrik Sedin for the Hart Trophy?

My eastern B/R colleagues were flabbergasted at the article. How could I dare suggest such a thing?

He won't win because there are more deserving players...”

No way would he have a chance with Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby and Ryan Miller in the mix.

While another so called B/R top writer, brought the comments down to even another level of derogatory remarks, which is not worth repeating.

Shows you how much they know in their expert opinions.

Probably because they don’t see enough games or appreciate what Sedin brings to the game.

But enough of the NHL eastern writers did and that’s what counted for the Hart Trophy, which signifies the MVP in the NHL being awarded for the first time ever to a Vancouver Canuck.

What a season it has been for Henrik winning the Art Ross Trophy also to add to his trophy collections.

Along with that he was also named to the First Team All-Star Team along with his brother Daniel (Second Team), which was the first brother combination since the Esposito’s.

I knew that the Sedins were point a game players but never in my wildest imagination did I see this coming, especially after his brother Daniel went down with an early season injury that had him out for 19 games.

That’s when Henrik showed that he was a true MVP.

He carried the team on his back flanked by a number of different wingers. That showed me that this guy was emerging as a leader while taking his game to another level.

Henrik always so humble continued to build from the new found confidence and started to shoot more with Daniel not being around.

We all discovered that not only was Henrik a great setup man but also a goal scorer.

This was a magical year, which has been added to the highlights of my watching the Canucks since their inception.

Like a great artist creating a masterpiece on canvas, Henrik carried on his work on the ice making everyone that played on his line so much better.

This was attested to by Alex Burrows and Mikael Sameulsson who had career years in points and goals.

To further my case,when Daniel came back from his injury he finished the season with 85 points in 63 games.

Just think where he would have finished if not injured?

This has been a monstrous year with Henrik’s 112 points, the Hart Trophy and All-Star selection.

When you look back at the re-signing of this year’s contract, what a positive investment for the Canucks.

So in wrapping up this historical occasion, Canucks Nation salutes Henrik the First.

Henrik Sedins game winner  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFbuA5cH-AA


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