What if Phil Jackson and LeBron James Are Both Headed for New York?

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IJune 24, 2010

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Let's think about this for a second.

No one is really talking about it; heck, no one is even thinking about it.

So, let's you and me, your brother in the back room, and all the other NBA fans stop, look, and listen.

But what if this is what LeBron James and Phil Jackson had up their sleeve the whole time?

Jackson just got done winning his second consecutive championship with the Los Angeles Lakers, doing so for the second time with L.A. in his career, and snagging his 12th NBA title.

So, what's a Zen Master going to do?

Return for the same magic show with the same cast of clowns?


But what if he had a perfect stage set up so he could return to the city he once played in, to coach a player that is quite arguably better than the one he's been coaching for the majority of the past decade?

Mike D'Antoni, sit back down.

This is no longer your show.

Despite your fast-paced offense winning the hearts of girls and Steve Nash-type point guards everywhere, it hasn't won any NBA championships yet, and there's a pretty good argument that it never will.

There are even tiny rumors that James isn't too high on D'Antoni, and that he's not buying the current Knicks roster as a suitable supporting cast.

Of course, if the Knicks brought in Phil Jackson, that would change everything.

Then just about anyone LeBron would deem worthy to be his teammate would be clamoring after the possibility of playing on a huge stage, with the greatest coach of all time, with arguably the potential greatest superstar of all time.

Another interesting note is how the LeBron camp was so quick to deny Jalen Rose's suggestion that James wasn't considering New York.

Naturally, this is to keep other teams guessing, to make the offers rise, and to keep the world at LeBron's feet.

The same goes for Jackson, who is supposedly "50-50" on retirement or returning to the Lakers.

But if LeBron James goes to New York, can Jackson really pass it up?

He'll get paid, that's for sure.

And it'll make sense for the entire NBA.

Let's face it, even if you don't buy into the NBA having some level of corruption, there's still no denying David Stern's lobbying for the once-classical teams and matchups to return to the top of the league.

New York fits the mold.

Phil Jackson and LeBron James in the same city for the next two to three years does, too.

This isn't breaking news or a hot rumor.

This isn't Jalen Rose sounding off on what some guy who might know James whispered in a dark room.

This is pure, unbridled, majestic speculation.

And it's exactly what LeBron James thrives on.

So, Phil and LeBron, waddya say?

How's about we keep this mad top that is the NBA spinning?

Do us the nasty.

Go to New York.

Make the Lakers sick.

Make Boston descend back to that hole they were in before they swung unrealistic trades to form the "Boston Three Party."

Make the doubters believe.

Make the NBA magical again.

At the very worst, throw down your cards, ditch the maddening poker face, and tell us what you've got.

We're dying to know.


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