NBA Rumors: Could Kevin Garnett for Al Jefferson Happen Again?

Erik LandauCorrespondent IJune 24, 2010

Yes, it seems ludicrous that I would even conjure up an exchange of this magnitude, yet trading Al Jefferson right now for less than market makes about as much sense as the trade I currently propose. Lets explore the possibilities in this potential transaction of Kevin Garnett for Al Jefferson.


No. 1: Contracts 

Kevin Garnett - $18,800,000

Al Jefferson -    $13,000,000

There is a discrepancy in money, but don't expect Jefferson to make as much as Garnett in the future. Jefferson took a 5 year/$65 million deal in November of 2007 because he felt he had not earned enough credit to garner a bigger payday. 

Jefferson's contract from that time was suppose to run through 2013 and the Celtics would use the extra space to try and reel back Ray Allen.

If this trade were to happen, an extra player or two such as Ryan Hollins from Minnesota would also have to be dealt to even the trade.


No. 2: Reunions

Kevin Garnett was the face of the Timberwolves in any conversation dating back to 2007. The ability to put him back in a Minnesota uniform as a champion will bring some luster to a struggling Franchise that fired Dwyane Casey as head coach when Garnett was last there.

Casey, was doing one of the best coaching jobs I've seen after taking the sub-par T'Wolves from around .500 in a very tough and deep Western Conference to championship contenders.

Al Jefferson would go back to where he began his career—only now, he'd be three years older and a far better player. He would be able to fill in where Garnett left off.


No. 3: Rajon Rondo and Youngsters

Rajon Rondo, along with Al Horford and Brandon Roy have the worst contracts in the NBA— Rondo being the worst.

Rondo is currently making just over $2 million this season, and highly underpaid. He will most likely restructure his deal that will cost the Boston Celtics extra loot.

This could mean the release of Ray Allen from their Free Agent plans as well if he doesn't take a pay decrease.

Getting rid of Garnett for a guy who costs less makes sense. Jefferson is younger and exceeds Garnett in production at this point in their career.

The Timberwolves have a boatload of youngsters who are in their limbo stage, including Spanish champion, Ricky Rubio. Rubio, 19, will probably come overseas in a couple of seasons.

The Timberwolves currently have Jonny Flynn at Point Guard, who has been part of trade rumors this offseason.

With that, where are the Timberwolves headed? I can only write from a positive Celtics point-of-view, since the Wolves haven't proven what they are attempting to do. Two point guards with their top picks last year made absolutely no sense.

Here's an idea that does make sense for the Timberwolves—bringing Garnett back for the fans—who have adored him since he put on their uniform and teaching the young guys, primarily Kevin Love, who has a long career ahead of him.

Darko Milicic is sitting on the bench making $7.5 million a season. Garnett will surely light a fire under him and the world will finally see the potential he was drafted on. Now that, would be a spectacle.

Among others, Ryan Gomes, Wayne Ellington, Ryan Hollins, Damien Wilkins will also get a boost from Garnett's presence. The Timberwolves, if they do decide to go forward with trading Jefferson, have to do something that will allow them to get better.

Having Garnett back in a green and black jersey will fill the seats, bringing in much needed revenue and will give ownership leeway in signing big, free agent names. 

They need to look forward to a future with Rubio, Brewer, Love and a big name free agent if they want to seriously compete for a title. Using Garnett as a cog in the wheel can help the organization years down the line.

For the Celtics, you are now an aging and indecisive franchise. The core of Rondo, Allen (or another veteran shooting guard), Pierce, Jefferson and Perkins may still, however,  have a shot at regaining dominance next season.

In the end, this trade shouldn't happen, but Garnett was traded originally and that was a surprise in itself. With Kevin McHale out as General Manager, things should be a little more rational this time around. But, you never know....