Joba Chamberlain and Yankees Blank Boston Red Sox

Robert NelsonCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2008

With a professional swagger, the New York Yankees blanked the Boston Red Sox 1-0 Friday night in Boston. 

Joba Chamberlain blistered the Red Sox offense.  Kevin Yukolis got buzzed late in the game and the tension grew.  To rub salt into the wound, Joba finished Yukolis off with a strikeout.  He's probably still cussing.  Sissy.  Momma's Boy.

Mariano Rivera mopped up a sloppy eighth inning by Kyle Farnsworth and finished business with his trademark cutter.  Boston's Mike Lowell was ejected for whining. 

That being said, let's get down to the real issues.

Manny Ramirez scratched from the lineup today.  He said his knee was hurting.  Poor baby.  Ask Lou Gehrig if his knee ever hurt.  Boston manager Terry Francona seemed very uncomfortable in the post game press conference, wishing he had a better time line regarding what went down with Manny.  If you are Manny Ramirez, how the hell do you pull up lame against the Yankees?  AT HOME?!!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Bottom line.  Joba was on fire.  Rivera remains the greatest closer to ever walk on to a pitcher's mound.  We need run production.