Who Will the Minnesota Timberwolves Take in the NBA Draft?

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Who Will the Minnesota Timberwolves Take in the NBA Draft?
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The Minnesota Timberwolves are a team that is young and inexperienced, and nobody is quite sure what they're currently doing. This year, they endured a tough year. They wound up with the second-most losses of any NBA team and simply didn't show much promise. 

As the Timberwolves approach tomorrow's NBA draft with a bundle of picks, the question is what will they do?

David Kahn has said he is sticking with the fourth pick, but is that really true? He really loves the talent that Evan Turner has, and I think if the right trade for the No. 2 pick comes along, I have a feeling he would take it and draft Turner. 

However, assuming right now, the fourth pick still belongs to the Timberwolves, they select Wesley Johnson. He brings versatility, athleticism, great rebounding, and the ability to create and score points. He also has the size and defensive potential to play the forward position in the NBA. He also has a terrific wingspan, can knock down threes, and can release the ball fast. All of these things are assets that a team like the Timberwolves need. 

The Timberwolves could also draft center DeMarcus Cousins or power forward Derrick Favors if either is still avalible. How would that fit, though, with Kevin Love, and Al Jefferson? Well, they could trade one of them, say for the No. 2 two pick. Both of these players had tremendous freshman seasons and will make an impact in the NBA. They are big, can score, block shots, and rebound, but I just don't think this is the right fit for the Timberwolves at the moment. 

Another possibility for the Wolves, is trade the fourth and sixteenth pick to the Warriors for the sixth pick and Anthony Randolph. This has been rumored, but would the Wolves do it? Randolph is a big-time scorer and proven player. However, what would they do with Jefferson or Love? Obviously, one would probably be going somewhere else via a trade. I don't see this happening, and will stick to what Kahn has said of how he will hold onto the fourth pick. 

Next, the Timberwolves, have the 16th pick in the draft. What will they do with this selection? I think Gordon Haywood or Xavier Henry would be good additions. I think Haywood will be gone, but Henry won't be. He had a good freshman year, but could have used another year back in college. However, he does have an NBA body, good basketball instincts, a defensive mindset, and can get to the basket. He would be a type of player that would help the Wolves offense generate points and make stops at the other side of floor. 

There is also a rumor that the Wolves could trade the pick to the Grizzlies for the 25th, and 28th picks. 

The 23rd pick of the draft is Jordan Crawford. He would be another shooting guard, but he is too good to pass up. What he did in the opening round of the NCAA tournament was special. The Wolves could also look to shooting guard Dominque Jones. 

There you have it, a inside look at my perspective of the Wolves draft. Now tune into the draft on tomorrow night to see how the Wolves do to improve their team. 

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