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Not long ago, FIFA president Joseph "Sepp" Blatter interfered in the Cristiano Ronaldo-Real Madrid affair in the favor of the Portugal international's move to the Madrid giants, describing today's football players as "modern slaves" for not having the option to move clubs whenever they want.

"It would be useful to remind people that slaves in all of the slavery systems never earned a wage" UEFA's communications director, William Gaillard said, responding to Blatter's earlier m.

What will happen to football if players can move whenever they want? It means that the future holds even less loyalty and more big spending. And let's face it, no matter how exciting the spending is, the big splashes of cash have had a bad impact on the moral side of the game.

Sepp Blatter has urged Ronaldo to move to Real:

  • Should the FIFA be giving its opinion of transfer moves?


  • Who do you think is right: FIFA or UEFA? Are players modern slaves or modern emperors?

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