Mallorca's Status Uncertain For Next Year's Europa League

Jon SainzAnalyst IIJune 23, 2010

Times are tough for Mallorca. They might not be able to compete in next year's Europa League (the tournament formerly known as UEFA Championship).

UEFA released the teams that will compete and Mallorca is not one of them, even though they ranked fifth on La Liga.

The teams that will definitely compete for Spain are Getafe (Sixth in La Liga) and Atletico Madrid (Spanish Cup and current Europa League winner).

The club was included in a list released on June 18. But they are not in the most recent one, released earlier today (See the list here). 

This list is provisional and may change, however.

The change can go both ways. Mallorca has been sued twice because the club couldn't pay for some players in time, and they still owe money to other teams.

Because of this, the club recently gave it's creditors a month to claim their money and is trying to sell players to make money. Indebted clubs are not allowed to compete on an international level.

Villareal, seventh in La Liga, would be the favoured team if Mallorca is not issued a license. They would take Mallorca's place in the Europa League.

Villareal has also recently sued Mallorca.

UEFA still has final say on the list of teams that will be playing. And Spain will have three teams playing in the Europa League. Two are already confirmed.

The question is: Who will be the third?