Who is Rich Brooks going to pick to run the "show" under center at UK?

Nathan TowlesCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2008

Curtis Pulley or Mike Hartline?

That is a question that all Kentucky Football fans are asking themselves and others.

Mike Hartline played very little last year and when I say that I really mean it. He played only in 4 games. In those games he only passed a total of 6 times, with 4 being a comp and 1 interception. He ended up on the year with 34 passing yards. I know it was hard for him to get under center because of the former and current New York Giant Andre Woodson. 

Curtis Pulley did not play at all last year by sitting out a year to have a chance to be the head man under center and academic reasons also. He is a QB that is more of a dual-threat then Hartline is. So in 2006, Pulley only attempted 14 passes and completed only 8 of them. I know that doesn't sound like very many passes but he played in every game as a receiver or a running back also. Pulley caught 21 passes for  201 yards. Pulley ran for 134 yards on 23 attempts. 

So it all goes back to the question at hand, is it Pulley who had the job won a year ago and ended up losing it to Woodson before dropping out of school? Or is it Hartline that played behind Woodson and probably learned the ropes from Woodson?

It is a million dollar question that all Kentucky fans want to know how Brooks is going to choose between two very young and unproven men. We all will find out in a very long 36 days.