Oklahoma And Texas A&M Missed Out On A Guaranteed Home Run

Colin Contributor IJune 23, 2010

       University of Oklahoma president David Boren said Wednesday that they and Texas A&M did receive offers to join the SEC.  But says that Texas and Oklahoma state was not offered. 


      "There was a time when A&M thought they were going to the SEC and they very much wanted us to go with them," Boren said.  About the time Texas A&M was seriously considering joining the SEC, is when Dan Beebe convinced Texas & the other 9 remaining "Big12" teams to stay put.  After what looked to be the end of the Big12.. It is saved for now as a ten team league, minus Nebraska and Colorado.  


     Boren said that since Texas and Oklahoma state was not offered, that they didn't think it was a good move.  However, Texas A&M fans and boosters are furious over the decision not to move to the SEC.  The Texas A&M AD is returning phone calls from angry fans, and practically telling them where they can meet him if they don't like it.


     Why was Texas not invited?  That I don't know for sure, but I can tell you that Mike Slive probably did the right thing by not giving them the invite.  


     Why is Texas so important, that A&M and Oklahoma says "how high" when Texas says Jump?  The jury is still out on that too.  It's mind boggling how Oklahoma has had so much success and tradition.. Bud Wilkinson & Barry Switzer, National championships.. Yes, NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!  Something Texas has only done once in the last 40 years!  Why does Oklahoma bow down to Texas?  It's a mystery to me, but I can tell you that Oklahoma made a huge mistake.