Tennessee Vols: A Letter to Rocky Top

Tim PollockSenior Writer INovember 27, 2007

http://1-college-football-controversy-thebcs.com///Images/Tennessee-Helmit.gifAfter a column I wrote a few days ago—titled “Tennessee:  An Embarrassment to the SEC Championship”—many overzealous Tennessee fans accused me of

1.) biased writing

2.) making idiotic statements and/or being a moron and/or gay, and

3.) never playing a sport in my life.

I’d like to address each of those topics now:

As for biased writing:  Many readers assume that since I live in Columbia, I am a loyal Gamecock and Steve Spurrier fan.  Others have suggested that my man-crush on Tim Tebow is evident.  The truth, of course, is that my column never mentioned Tebow, Spurrier, or how great the Gamecocks are.  The column focused on Tennessee—and their three humiliating losses—and the near-losses they had to sub par teams...

Tennessee deserves to be in the SEC Championship game.

There is no denying that, and I never said they shouldn’t be. 

What I said is that they are a poor representative—possibly the worst the East has ever produced.

Not long ago, in an SEC East basketball overview I wrote, I lauded Tennessee as the clear favorite to win the East.  Conversely, I basically trashed South Carolina and predicted a fifth place finish for them.  I wrote about strengths and weaknesses of each team in the East—just as I did about Tennessee’s football team.  There was not an agenda for the basketball piece, just as there was no alternative agenda for the football piece.       

IconI have lived in Columbia for three months and have no ties to the school whatsoever.  I do not write about the unnamed SEC school I attended, because my judgment would be jaded.  In addition, I do not have homosexual tendencies toward Tim Tebow.  We share the same first name—and that is where our ties end.      

In reference to my idiotic statements:  My goal is to call them like I see them.  I gave a succinct summary of Tennessee’s less than sensational football season—and I’d like to reemphasize that the primary focus was Tennessee’s three horrendous losses, and then I concluded by saying that it’s a shame to see an SEC East winner with such a tarnished resume. Again, this is not simply my opinion; the polls verify this as well, since two other East teams are ranked ahead of them.   

In fact, Tennessee’s number 14 ranking is the worst of any SEC East representative since, well, Tennessee, who was number 15 in 2004.  Georgia was ranked number 13 in 2005, but aside from those three, every single SEC East representative since 1993 carried a top ten—and often much higher—ranking into the title game.  Now that is impressive, especially considering the schedule these teams play.  

I thought more of Volunteer fans.  It’s one thing to root for your team—it’s another toIcon completely ignore glaring weaknesses.  I love the SEC East.  I love that the East is 10-5 all-time in the SEC Championship, which has served Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia very well. Last season, the winner of the East took home the National Championship.  In 2005, Georgia shredded LSU.  The East is always a formidable opponent, just not this year.  It’s okay to admit it.  LSU and Auburn have had great teams recently, and they have beaten up on the East—and they’ll do it again in a few days. 

In retrospect, could I have left out some comments about Phil Fulmer?  Sure, but what’s the fun in that? 

Finally, as far as my athletic prowess goes—well, that has nothing to do with my argument.  You will believe what you want to believe; listing any athletic achievements won by me would do nothing to help my case.

Expect a new column after Saturday’s game.  If Tennessee beats LSU, I’ll be the first one to give them credit.  If they lose, however, well—I’ll have a few things to say about that as well. 

Until Saturday, boys…