Making a Bourne Champion

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJune 23, 2010

First an unscheduled match on a Pay Per View that had four title matches, and in three of those matches titles changed hands, yet the buzz is that the match between Bourne and Jericho was the best match of the show.

The next night, Monday Night Raw continues the NXT invasion story, Brett Hart is out and injured, the Rookies have all been hired, another title match to take place but again Jericho and Bourne trump them all.

Escaping submissions, kicking out of should be pin falls, PUTTING THE KNEES UP JUST BEFORE HITTING AIR BOURNE!

Every minute of the match had me at home clapping and screaming and shouting things like, Oh My God! Show that again! The entire match was a highlight reel!

The match was Pay Per View quality and I hope people like Swagger, Sheamus, and all of the NXT rookies were watching because this was what wrestling is supposed to be. Two athletes, neither hulking men, one a high flyer the other a master technician giving it there all and just making the show they were putting on look like poetry.

Jericho played the classic heel, with his confused faces after kick outs, the slapping, and by far one of his best things he does in the ring, "Ask HIM, ASK HIM!," the taunting.

Whether it was a simple back breaker over the knee or the impressive counters and clenching in the Walls of Jericho twice, Chris Jericho did what he does best, put on a great show and make whomever he's in the ring with look that better, he is at the top of his game.

From the moment Bourne came down the ramp and did a really impressive cool slide entrance into the ring you knew you were in for something good. He looks like an action figure come to life, inhumanly flexible in a body that looks like its carved from stone, this 27-year-old wrestler from St. Louis has been with the WWE for over a year now and is ready to wear some gold around his waist.

Amazing kicks, jumps, countering the Walls of Jericho in a brand new way, rolling out of it and turning it into a DDT, even the strongest of Jeric-aholics were impressed. Bourne's got skills. While everything he does is amazing and sometimes bewildering the standing jump to a huracanrana while Jericho stood on the second rope was jaw dropping.

In the end Jericho won by getting his knees up and preventing Evan from hitting his finisher the Airbourne he followed that up with a devastating Code Breaker to get the three count.

An impressive match by both participants with a clean win, got the crowd roaring. Jericho seeing Bourne defeated on the ground walked over and helped up the young warrior, the typical handshake and show of respect was about to happen.

However Jericho had other plans, a pie face, shoving Bourne to the ground, and that smirk of his as he walked back up the ramp.

Sure, the rookies broke up the Championship match between Cena and Sheamus, and yes they turned on McMahon and gave him a beat-down after a very long uncomfortable pause, but I promise you, when people walked out of that arena every single one of them had to be saying. "wow Jericho and Bourne tore the house down."

This is great for two reasons; one Bourne needs some gold, US Champ, Intercontinental, doesn't matter, one of them, and soon, he deserves it and can bring the draw.

Two, Jericho's contract is up for renewal and if this doesn't clinch that not only is he probably their best performer on the roster but they need to get him back in the main event and making each and every match a Wrestlemania moment.