Could The Invasion Lead To The Destruction Of The NXT Reality Show?

Steven KingContributor IJune 22, 2010

This is going to be short, but I was thinking of a few places this whole angle could lead to.

Now, my frst thought when they first started talking about NXT was that it would become its own show, more like Smackdown or RAW, instead of a "reality show".

This idea, at the time, seemed odd to me. To get rid of one show and replace it with the same, which is why I was somewhat relieved by the new concept, until I saw it.

Due to the announcment of the signing of all the season one rookies, my original thought was resurrected.

After this season finishes, the WWE could decide to either scrap the whole idea for a new one or take all 16 rookies(when Danielson returns) and start them out on the reformed NXT.

Now, this is unlikely and several arguments most certainly could be made, but I'm just thinking.

If they decide to do this it could become another form of what they had with the reality show angle. Think about it, they could make it an official show and let them trade with the other shows and use the already established superstars to elevate the talent on the show.

This would also give them a place to send their top development stars without disrupting the other shows too much.

Now, I will repeat that every single claim in this article could be disputed, but everyone can give their opinion, right?