The NBA's All 2000's Team vs. The All 90's Team.

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The NBA's All 2000's Team vs. The All 90's Team.

Dream match up.

The is one everyone would pay to see. The 2000s had its fair share of great players, as well as the 90s. We have the two greatest shooting guards to ever lace them up, the two greatest power forwards to ever grace the hardwood, we even have a player that stars on both teams (more on that later).

The 90s team holds the leader of arguably the greatest dynasty seen in the basketball world; while the 2000s team holds the leader of possible another great dynasty in the making.

This would be a match-up for the ages, an instant classic.

Each player is in their best statistical year of that decade. The players who are selected have to have played the majority of the decade, in other words, 6+ years of their respective decade.

The categories are the following: Scoring(Short Range, Mid Range, Long Range), Defense(Man to Man, Help D), Fundamentals(Free throws, Rebounding), Clutch Factor (Game Winners, Rings) and Ball Handling (Initiating Offense). The points are ranked from 1-10, and the highest possible score is 100.

Categories are scored according to position, so while you wouldn't think that Jason Kidd is a better rebounder than Dwight Howard, Kidd would still get a high score because he's a point guard, getting 8 rebounds a game. While a big man who shoots well, but not as well as a small guy, gets a higher score since it's not in his required skill set.

NOTE: "Rings" also is leading their guys to the Finals, or how far they led them. A Finals appearance merits some points, as well as conference finals. Also, Big Men (unless they have this skill) don't have the Long Range aspect. Instead, it will be Dunking, Short Range, Mid Range with their scoring. Also, Initiate Offense can also be know their role in the offense, or knowing to whom to give it to.

Lets get started shall we?

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