Breaking News: Owen Hart's Widow Suing WWE

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIJune 22, 2010

It was announced earlier today that Martha Hart, widow of Owen Hart, is suing the WWE. She has stated that WWE has continued to use Owen’s name and image to promote the business. After the Owen Hart tragedy, Martha and WWE (then WWF) agreed on a contract that restricted the use of Owen’s name, image and wrestling footage. According to her, this has been broken numerous times and she is finally suing. She is filing the lawsuit on Tuesday, June second in Hartford.

Personally I have no idea where she is getting the idea that WWE has been using Owen’s name but I could be wrong. She seems to sue everyone over anything involving Owen (i.e Diana Hart for her book Under the Mat: Inside Wrestling's Greatest Family.

This could be bad for the WWE in many ways. First of all, it will definitely hurt Linda McMahon’s Senate run (Woo-Hoo!) as the opposition will have another tactic against her. The WWE has also been slowly escaping the bad press from the Benoit tragedy, which happened three years ago this Friday. This lawsuit could potentially bring back the bad press and make things hell for the WWE once again.

Please leave your comments and opinions about this lawsuit.