AW Insider: DJ Krymson a Look Into His Career.

Adam SantosContributor IJune 22, 2010

Welcome to my first edition to AW insider, this is going to be a unique look into all of the Adrenaline Wrestling Competitors back-stories and their careers before AW. 

For Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 I will sharing a in depth look into his beginnings and such. 

Wrestling Name: DJ Krymson aka The Katalyst, he has wrestled now for about 11 years. This all started for him when he was 17 years old, when his best friend and his sister asked if he wanted to try to become a professional wrestler. At the time, he was just a fan, and a casual one at that. Being one to try anything,he figured 'What the hell, I'll give it a shot.' he showed up at the Yankee Pro Wrestling headquarters in New Bedford, Massachusetts. After day one of rigorous training with--as the trainers put--impressive results, he was hooked, and as you can see,after his long resume of impressive wrestling career in both tag-team and singles he is what it takes to all around wrestler being trained by the likes of Nick Amaral & Real Deal Wrestling, Brick house Baker & Yankee Pro Wrestling and Elements of Suicide & Karoba Pro Wrestling. But that wasn't his limited his searched for more with the thirst of the sports he went to seminars and also had guest trainers such as, CM Punk & BJ Whiter, Jerry Lynn, Mike Quackenbush, Greg Valentine, Dr. Tom Pritchard and  Brutus Beefcake. With this on his resume he developed a great move set to match with his athleticism, such as his finishing moves that include, 450 Splash- ( by the way you would need tons of practice to do and a lot of bravery.) , One-Hit Wonder- (Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick), and Platinum Status- (fireman carry into a sit-down face-buster). His signature moves are as dangerous as his finishing moves, Throw Dem Bows - (Top Rope Elbow Drop), Dropping Tracks -(Triple Leg Drop), and DDT Remix - (Hammerlock DDT/Double Under hook DDT). 

Now, what brings him to AW?. Well this is what he said to me. 

DJ Krymson said, "Well, I look for the underdogs, the up-and-comers, and I try my hardest to elevate them to be the best. Within the ropes of Adrenaline Wrestling, I see potential to do great things, and I see a thorough challenge with a mixed bag of experienced and inexperienced wrestlers that will challenge my potential. But in the end, you will see only one thing, and that is my hand raised as the undisputed recognized Adrenaline Wrestling Champion."

In conclusion DJ Krymson is a humble a and well respected man in the wrestling business a and is a key marquee guy in the AW a and will continue to shock a and entertain us into the future, please check out my next edition of AW Insider.