Evan Bourne: Can He 'Fly' Through Raw's Glass Ceiling?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJune 22, 2010

In past articles I have written here on the Bleacher Report I have told you the WWE has done a horrible job of pushing new talent.

Nowadays, however, the story seems to be a bit different. The WWE has plenty of new performers around, but it seems they are trying to push too many of their "up-and-comers" at once. This creates a whole new problem in and of itself.

In the past year or so we have seen several guys like Kofi Kingston and John Morrison get huge pushes into the main event scene, only to have their push stalled to make room for other stars the WWE wanted to push, like Jack Swagger and Sheamus.

The problem now is not that the WWE is lacking new talent or fresh faces in the title mix, but rather that they have so many new kids they have to almost have them take turns. They are sort of passing around the spotlight just long enough for fans to start caring about a newcomer before stalling their push altogether to allow space for another new guy to have some time in the sun.

This brings us to Evan Bourne, who is the latest young kid to get a huge push. Bourne has been wrestling for the past 10 years, going by the name Matt Sydal around the independent circuit.

When Bourne came to the WWE, he debuted in their version of ECW until being drafted to Monday Night Raw, where he recently received a huge push following taking an injured Randy Orton's place in a tag team match with the then WWE Champion John Cena. Ever since then, Bourne has been riding a huge wave of popularity and momentum.

Don’t be fooled, however; we have seen this kind of push before. Bourne could just be another young guy who only gets a few moments to embrace his push before being shoved back into the abyss that is Raw's mid-card.

However, word is that John Cena has a very high opinion of Evan and is supporting him backstage thus helping him get a push (note that this is only a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt). If this is true, Evan Bourne could be the next big thing on Raw.

This would be wonderful, in my opinion. While I do think Evan needs a little more experience, he can have a fast-paced, entertaining match with just about anyone. He also could definitely be a role model for young kids just like the man he tagged teamed with several weeks agoJohn Cena.

This, in my opinion, is the greatest thing Evan has going for him right now. If management thinks he could be someone the young kids who watch WWE television could embrace and look up to as their "hero," then the PG rated WWE would really benefit from his huge push.

Bourne's potential may be limitless and he may be likable backstage, but the WWE seems to be full of talented young guy these days. He has to be able to do more. I’m sure his work on the microphone could use a little work, just like most of the new guys, and a match lasting more than five minutes might help his creditability too.

However, I have to admit his recent matches with the "ring veteran" Chris Jericho have been very good, so I suppose I should retract that last statement. Jericho is doing a great job at putting him over, by the way.

So we have established several things. Bourne has the wholesome image that the WWE is looking for and the potential to become the next "hero" or "role model" for WWE's younger viewers. We know he can have entertaining and engaging matches. We also know he is well liked by the right people backstage.

This is all working in the favor of Bourne's recent push. However, if WWE continues to move its "spotlight" around Bourne will only have a limited amount of time before they stop featuring him prominently on Monday Night Raw.

So Bourne not only has to break through the "Glass Ceiling" of big names that hover above him on Raw, but he must also stand out in a huge crowd of talented new guys the WWE has waiting in the wings for their opportunity.

So the question is, can Bourne overcome all of this and become a wrestling superstar? Can he main event Wrestlemanias? Can he become a marketable super for the company?

The truth is every young wrestler on Raw and Smackdown is trying to get the same thing Bourne currently has. However, Bourne happens to be very lucky.

He is being pushed at a time when two of the WWE's biggest draws (Triple H and The Undertaker) are gone. Plus, if rumor of the endorsement from John Cena to the right people backstage is true, then Bourne may have a good shot at becoming the next young guy to "fly" into Raw's main event scene.

He has managed to get my seal of approval as I think he is a very talented individual full of charisma and potential up to his eyeballs. In the end, however, it is up to the "WWE Universe," who makes it and who doesn’t (unless you choke a guy with a tie on live TV, then our opinion means nothing).

But, in all honesty we have the final word. So what is your opinion?

Do you think Bourne has a shot at becoming a main even player or do you think this is another one of WWE's "trial pushes" and Bourne will fall back into "Mid Card Hell?" Tell me in the comment section.

Thank you all for reading my short little article here and be sure to stick around for more articles in the near future and be sure to keep an eye on the promising career of Evan Bourne.

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