Following Josh Childress' Lead, Is LeBron James Heading Overseas? (Humor)

Dustin HaleyCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2008

The Guangdong Southern Tigers, of the 中国男子篮球职业联赛 (Chinese Basketball Association), seemingly are clearing their unlimited cap space to make a run at LeBron James in 2010.


“Guangdong happens to be my fifth favorite province in China,” James says. “And some of my best Cantonese cuisine restaurants reside in Guangdong!” he exclamates.


All of this is now surfacing, after former NBA player Josh Childress and top high school prospect Brandon Jennings both signed with European clubs.


Guangdong, the fourth-most populous province in China, has been atop the CBA for the last five years, winning four of the last five championships. It appears they would like to stay on top.


An anonymous spokesman from Nike told this reporter that the sports apparel company was prepared to offer James a new contract including “China escalators” that would significantly increase James' endorsement bonuses.


Former Southern Tiger and current New Jersey Net, Yi Jianlian, was asked if he would return to his former team should they land LeBron, since he has a player option at the end of this season. “I wourd be ecstatic to rrun with Rebron James” he answered.


So far, the details of the offer Guangdong is preparing is being kept secret—but rest assured, I will let you know how this situation plays out.