The Reason Why I Started Writing about Boxing

Ja DawsonCorrespondent IJune 21, 2010

16 Sep 1981: Sugar Ray Leonard throws a right punch at Thomas Hearns during the World Welterweight Championships at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Happy Father's Day to all of my fans, followers, subscribers, and frequent visitors. You have all been influenced in some way by men who have played the role of dad, granddad, or great-granddad. And many of us are dads ourselves. As a result, I want to use this day to allow you to learn a bit more about me .

Sugar Ray Leonard W TKO 14 Thomas Hearns, Las Vegas, NV, 09.16.81 . I remember this fight like it was yesterday, even though it took place nearly thirty years ago. My father and his friends were so excited in the weeks leading up to this fight. I wondered why.

I lived in a sports world which supposedly centered around baseball and football. Little did I know or understand my dad's love for boxing. But after watching the replay of the fight on ABC's Wide World of Sports nearly a year later, I realized why they were so excited. I've been a boxing fan ever since.

My dad recently passed away, but he left a lasting impact. My love of boxing and writing are two of the many imprints that he left on me. When you read my posts, always remember that I have a co-author—James Dawson, my dad.

Continue to cherish the sport, and continue to honor and love your fathers.