Sports Entertainment Starting To Be Entertaining Again

Ron JohnsonContributor IJune 21, 2010

Sheamus is again the WWE Heavyweight Champion.

Thank god. Its about time John Cena was relived of the title after a less than impressing reign where the feud with Batista, was the highlight, a feud that was dragged out and really proved how horrible PG WWE actually was.

The "firing" of Bret Hart (by Vince McMahon) and Virgil (by Ted DiBiase), shows that the old timers are starting to go away.

In contrast, young stars are continually being pushed.  Evan Bourne has seen a mini feud start with Chris Jericho, with two very good matches. And with the continuing storyline of the NXT 7 mega-stable, the WWE is starting to becoming more interesting.  

In addition, is there another leader behind the NXT 7?  It is becoming more apparent that Wade Barrett is the sole leader and that there is no other wrestler or personality directing the 7 wrestlers.

And who is the new GM? I believe that it is indeed Michael Cole.

In TNA, Ric Flair and "Fortune" is starting to draw my interest.  Hopefully this storyline becomes similar to Evolution, because that worked out well for Orton and Batista.

The transformation of Abyss into a monster again now can solidify him as a decent superstar.  I am hoping that with the eventual ECW stable that will rise, Abyss will join forces with Tommy Dreamer and the other "extreme" wrestlers.

The only thing that I believe may help push TNA to a more even ground with the WWE, is to cancel PPV's, like highly rumored, and go back to focusing more on the X-division, otherwise I will continue watching the WWE primarily (and pray for Christian to get the World Heavyweight Title in my lifetime.)