Madalan WeisbergContributor IJune 21, 2010

I enjoy reading all the Cousin fans but he is not a Piston star yet and will not be anyones star for about 2 years. He will start with whomever drafts him but his lack of friends and questionable attitude and weight issues honestly do form at least a couple of question marks(?).I hope. How will we fans accept waiting for him to become an adult .. assuming he does, without complaining about the immediate producers we did not pick?

I understand why Coach K was made Piston coach.

I understand our GM Joe Dumars is human and yet is one of the very best in the NBA where all make bad decisions and good ones. We learn more from our mistakes than our success.

Detroit picks Cousins means we are not likely to make the playoffs next season. Unless we keep Hamilton and Prince.

The actual value of both is predicated on "they are proven winners." A team almost 'there' would probably get 'there' with either or both of these players. Yet, the only way the Pistons will make the playoffs will be by keeping both players.

Daye - Not yet sure what Dumars had in mind or for how long we need to wait for him to become such a high draft choice decision. As a guard he is very interesting, shoots very well, his confidence would improvement from success' made from playing a position he is suited for and he has superb hands. It will take another 35 lbs. for us to wait for him to become a very skinny NBA small forward. That 35 lbs. factor alone could change his talent up or down.

Jonas J. - It seems he is close to his expectations now. He is another small forward out of position. Big and tough neither player are.

Summers - He may have been the steal. He listens and can play.

Summary - If we are willing to wait then Cousins is the man, Monroe is known as 'soft' already and that was college basketball. His game is good. Otherwise we have a fighting chance to win enough games for the extended season by retaining healthy Hamilton and healthy Prince. Something we never saw last year.

- madalan

Madalan, Aloha, OR


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