Fatal Fourway Overview: I Am…Alicia Fierce!(Ft.Nattie & Tammie)

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Fatal Fourway Overview: I Am…Alicia Fierce!(Ft.Nattie & Tammie)

Heading into Fatal Fourway there wasn’t much hype or build up for the pay-per-view. Add to that three rookies, one which doesn't really go over well with the crowd and another who is cheered instead of booed, and an experienced veteran who also doesn't really go over well with the crowd, there really weren’t many expectations from this match. Did it sink or swim? Watch below: 


Maryse comes out first in a gold-digger-esque jacket to a nice pop from the crowd, which again proves she’s not doing her job right. Gail Kim follows in a nice blue outfit, and Alicia in a feisty leopard-print outfit. Finally comes out Eve in a gorgeous aqua and gold outfit to a nice pop, actually. The match gets underway and the women pair off. Gail with Alicia in one corner and Maryse and Eve grappling on the mat. 

Gail whips Alicia to the corner and runs after her, but Alicia dodges out of the way. Gail, always the quick thinker, jumps on the second rope and goes for a splash only to find a well-placed kick to her midsection. Alicia stays on the attack though, suplexing Gail smoothly and bridging into a pin. Gail kicks out as Eve arrives a little too late to break it up. Eve continues on, however, flipping into a jack-knife cover on Alicia for a two. Maryse then traps Eve oddly into a pin attempt for two yet again. 

Alicia and Gail pair off again, trading blows for a bit before Alicia swiftly hits Gail with a fabulous-looking tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Ms. Foxy then goes after Eve, but the champion fends both her and Maryse off with elbows and a dropkick. Eve goes after Foxy yet again, but this time Alicia comes out on top, whipping Eve down to the mat oddly and double-teaming her with Maryse.

The Sexiest of the Sexy then goes on to kick Eve in the gut. This is when the two aggressive challengers begin to stalk the champ like hungry wolves searching for food. They take the champ to the corner, taunting her together until Gail manages to get back into the match. 

The cat-like competitor latches on to a piece of Alicia’s hair, but is elbowed in her face for her troubles. She then proceeds to elbow Alicia in the gut, flip into the ring over her opponent’s back, and whip off the ropes into a slick Christo submission move on her as well. As Gail has her legs wrapped around Alicia’s neck, and is hyperextending her arm as well, Eve flips Maryse into her armbar submission move. Gail promptly breaks this up, kicking the crap out of Eve’s head. She then goes on to try and submit Maryse with the same move on a different arm. Alicia follows suit, breaking up the submission and locking it herself. 

Eve tries to do the same as everyone else, but instead, and thankfully, Maryse runs the hell out of there, making sure to avoid any further damage. The champ goes after Alicia, locking in a nice camel clutch (Hey, isn’t that Maryse’s move?). Gail then joins in on the action, bringing Alicia into a double-leg Boston crab. This spot is pretty nice, and it really looks like Alicia is going to break in half!

Maryse then comes into the fray, grabbing two handfuls of hair from Eve and Gail’s heads. Maryse tries to hold on, because at this point Eve and Gail are flinging their heads around like they’ve been lit on fire! Gail finally gets free, but is kicked in the midsection. Maryse then throws Eve and Gail out of the ring like they’re dirty pieces of trash. 

Then, the moment of the match begins. Alicia, not afraid in the least, gets right up in Maryse’s face, chest-to-chest. This earns a nice reaction from the crowd. She backs the French-Canadian beauty up, and they have a stare down in the middle of the ring. Maryse and Alicia talk trash to one another, pointing, shouting, and glaring holes through each other’s heads. It’s a pretty fun point in the match.

Maryse seemingly thinks she’s above Alicia, because she clearly yells,”Stop talking to me!” Which then prompts Alicia to shove the French-Canadian out of her face. This then leads to a few forearms from Maryse. She whips the Foxy One to the ropes, missing a clothesline but hitting a beautiful French TKO directly in Alicia’s face. She goes for the pin, but Eve breaks this up. 

The rookie champ goes to hit Maryse with the neckbreaker we saw on Monday, but Maryse reverses into a wristlock before being hit with a vicious double-dropkick from Gail that sends both women to the mat. The former Women’s Champ sends Maryse to the corner. She runs right at her, hitting her patented shoulder block and slipping through the ropes.

Gail signals the crowd, earning a nice little response, and then proceeds to hit a choppy-looking missile dropkick. She goes for the pin as Eve goes to break it up. Instead, Gail turns this around. She sends Eve to the corner, hitting the same shoulder block move she did on Maryse. 

As Gail stands on the apron, seemingly prepping for another move, Alicia latches on to her leg. Gail fights her off before wrapping her legs around Alicia’s neck. She seems to be going for the same hurricanranna on the outside she hit on Jillian a few weeks back, but Alicia reverses this, bouncing Gail off of her shoulders and having her eat some serious mat on the outside to receive the biggest pop of the match.

Inside the ring Maryse sets Eve up for her French Kiss ddt, but instead Eve reverses it into her spinning neckbreaker from Monday, and man, Maryse looks like she just broke her neck there! Instead of going for the pin, Eve positions Maryse before nailing her always beautiful moonsault from the top rope. As Eve goes to pin Maryse, Alicia comes from the outside, sending her flying out of the ring. Alicia covers Maryse herself, getting the pin, win, and revenge! 

Wowza! That was quite a match! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was the best match on the planet, and it was by no means technically sound, but it was a hell of entertaining! The match was definitely sloppy at points, but overall it was quite solid. I loved the way everyone’s styles meshed together. Also, I didn’t find that any one person drove the match. Everyone played their parts and played them well. It never seemed to lag, and the consistency of it was surprising as these matches tend to get really confusing. 

Eve was good at segueing into different positions, points, and holds in the match. She kept it from lagging, which was pretty surprising. Gail always kept it exciting with her offense. You never knew when she was going to bust out and it came off extremely well. Maryse was the punching bag of the night, but she did what she had to and did it well. Her selling peaked tonight, especially with that really sick-looking neckbreaker Eve hit.It could’ve easily looked awkward like on Monday, but she saved it from looking like that and in turn made it look amazing!

And finally, for the star of the match, Alicia Fox! What really made this woman the star wasn’t her in-ring work, it was that she actually won! She actually captured gold! She actually beat out three other women to become champ! 

Alicia also took part in two pivotal points of the match. The spot where she knocked Gail the hell out, and her little "showdown" with Maryse. The first was very important, because it kept Gail from being buried, yet made Alicia stand out, because it had to be the spot of the match up. I mean, did you HEAR that reaction? Amazing! The second was even more important for a number of reasons.

First, it introduced Alicia as the character that could finally compete with Maryse’s. She showed that she’s not in the least impressed with the French-Canadian, and their characters meshed so well together it was unbelievable!

Secondly, this set up what we could see in the future. Alicia came back with a vengeance at the end of the match, shoving Eve out of the way and pinning Maryse! This could possibly set up an entertaining feud between the two, and maybe we’ll even see Maryse turn face! 

WWE also has to be commended for managing this match correctly. They gave it a decent amount of time so it could develop nicely, and it panned out great. But the thing that really stood out was where the match was placed. It was the second match of the night, meaning the crowd would still be hot for the match. The people were actually into a Divas match for once, and this proved that WWE should’ve been doing this from the beginning!

The fans turned with the tide of the match, reacting to what they were supposed to, and paying attention to the big spots, like the exchange between Gail and Alicia towards the end. Now, with a fresh face holding the title, it’s up in the air about what’s going to happen tonight on Raw. I’m tuning in, will you?


Later in the night Natalya teamed up with her boys to take on Tamina and hers. Watch what went down when the underused third generation star faced off against another third gen. star:

After a short promo, the Hart Dynasty comes out and they look ready for bid’ness. Next out are the USO’s, and they don’t look too shabby either. The bell rings and the women are up first. Tamina, somewhat tentatively, shoves Natalya. Nattie doesn’t take this lying down, however, kicking Tamina in the leg and flipping her in a side headlock takeover. Tamina counters, using her legs to choke Nattie in a headscissors submission. Natalya then reverses, kipping up.

Tamina thinks fast, locking in a nice wristlock on Natalya, but Nattie counters yet again, showing tremendous athleticism by cartwheeling forward with one hand. She then brings Tamina into a schoolboy pin for two. This is enough for Tamina, because she quickly hustles to her corner and tags in her partner. After the boys wrestle for a good while, it’s the girl’s turns again.

Natalya elbows Tamina harshly a few times, whipping her to the ropes and nailing her with a nice back elbow. She picks Tam up, slapping her, and then hitting two nice suplexes before dropkicking her in the back. Nattie picks Tamina up in scoop slam position before driving her back into the mat with a nice sitting slam. She goes for the pin but one of the USO’s breaks it up. They’re taken out of the equation and we get some more Diva action.

Natalya misses her patented discus clothesline and Tamina takes advantage, hitting an impactful samoan drop. She postions Natalya, going to the top rope. Tamina goes for the frog splash and misses wildly, eating some mat. Nattie measures her opponent before hitting a devastating discus clothesline for the one, two, three! Finally we see some action from Nattie and Tamina! What they did do was great, and Natalya made Tamina look really strong. It was a nice moment to give Natalya the win in an important match like this on pay-per-view, and I can’t wait to see more!

PPV Rating : 5/5


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